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Five for Friday: Wayne, Maine, Including a Drain

Wayne, Maine, is a little village about ten minutes away from Winthrop. (Wayne’s population is circa 1,100. ) Like most towns in this area, Wayne is surrounded by ponds and lakes. Wayne might be small, but with its old houses, mostly white, lining the main street, the village has maintained a classic New England look and is very lovely. Established in 1798, Wayne got its name from Revolutionary War General Anthony Wayne.

Here is a picture of one of Wayne’s charming old homes, white of course.

A view across the millpond, of more white houses.

A general store, also white, that provides the town with a warm center.

Inside the store is a very inviting place to have a bite to eat.

And finally, for my blogging friend Tootlepedal, a picture of a drain in Wayne, Maine.

This surely must prove that we bloggers can be a very silly bunch.





Five for Friday: Delights of Late November

It’s been quite a week for us. Not only did we celebrate my book’s first birthday, but we also received a package from across the pond, from England, of Sandra Dorey’s fabulous cards. Sandra, of Wild Daffodil,  is a blogging friend, and as much as I can, I try to support my blogging friends in their various creative endeavors.

As my photo indicates, Sandra used shells, bits of wood, flowers, and a crocheted piece to design her cards. These cards are beautifully printed on quality paper, and I will be saving them to send to very special people. The tagline for Sandra’s blog is “the joy of creativity,” and she means business. Sandra has more creativity in her little finger than most people have in their whole bodies.

On a more modest note, are the delights of the landscapes and skies in Winthrop in late November.

And my dog buddy Liam, who might be blind but is still game for going on walks.

Finally, my favorite tree on the Narrows Pond Road. Years ago, in 1998, it was beaten down by a destructive ice storm that knocked out the power to half the state. But it has healed and regained most of its former splendor.

Surely a lesson to give us courage as we go into the new year.



Five for Friday: A Mummy’s Face?

Today I’m trying something new, something I borrowed from the blog Cimple, which regularly features a post called “A Week In Seven Pictures.” Seven pictures seemed like a lot, even though it really is just two more than five. But I like alliteration, and two less is, well, two less.

I don’t know how long I’ll stick with this—I’m not one for either routines or lists—but for now, here are my Five for Friday.

The winterberries, a species of holly, brighten Maine’s November landscape. They will soon brighten my winter arrangements.

Dry rocks, wet rocks. When will the ice come, I wonder?

Heart and leaves. Happy November!

The face behind the wire. Can anyone guess what this is? And, no, it really isn’t a mummy’s face.

The last of the leaves to be raked. We’ve raked about three quarters of the yard, and it’s always good when this chore is done. We hope to get them raked by Monday, at least, because Thanksgiving is fast approaching.