That Austere Time of Year

Farewell, October and welcome, November. The glorious bursts of colors are mostly gone, replaced by the more somber tones of the oaks and the beeches. November is an austere month with so many subtractions that many people find the landscape bleak this time of year.

They have a point, as this picture of the public beach illustrates. No laughing children, no watchful adults. Summer’s pleasures are definitely over, and we no longer have the dazzle of October to console us.

Still, the more subdued colors do brighten the forests around our home, and I find beauty in the more muted tones.

As always, looking down provides its own rewards.

Nevertheless, I can’t help but think that Sherlock has the right idea. Do you suppose he is trying to decide which books he should read during the long, dark cold of winter?


44 thoughts on “That Austere Time of Year”

  1. “Beauty in the more muted tones” – I’m with you! November tends to be too cloudy and dreary, bringing down one’s mood. On the flip side, those grey days play up the bark of the trees, the textures and browns of the dried-up plants, the leaf-carpeted forest floor, and the remaining red, green, orange and yellow leaves on trees and tall shrubs, creating an enchantment that’s doubled when a little fog creeps in.

    We also have increased bird activity at the feeders, and birds make me happy. πŸ™‚

  2. When we lived in NH, I always loved the sight of beech saplings holding onto their leaves all winter against the severe background of hemlocks.

  3. I enjoy this time of russet and gold! The cool air and dark days encourage time in contemplation.

  4. What gorgeous, interesting images, Laurie! The long dazzle of October continues here in these parts and such sights are more precious now, as they will end soon. November and February are not my favourite months!

  5. Pretty pics, and Sherlock is so cute! πŸ™‚ I’m enjoying the late colors, esp. in the forest, where they seem lit from within. Once the leaves are gone, I find all the gray and brown oppressive until the snow lightens things up. Sigh… shorter days ahead and time change, too. Blah! 😦

  6. Aww sweet Sherlock has the right idea snuggling up under a blanket! I love those muted tones in the woods and we wish you all a wonderful weekend πŸ€—πŸ’–πŸ‚ xxx

  7. The colours of the trees look wonderful to me through the lens of my Northern Hemisphere blogger friends, so I can see why it is sad to see them go….I think Sherlock has entirely the right idea for the coming winter…under the covers with some good books!

  8. Beautiful post…and it made me smile because I always tell my kindergartners that it is NOvember because no bathing suits, no swimming at the beach, no leaves on some trees…and I love your no dazzle of October. I enjoy November because October is too exciting for 5 year olds and now we can focus on the fall season… which is very subtle in S. California!

  9. I think November has its charms–and your photos are proof of that! My cats have taken to diving under the covers, too–winter is on its way!

  10. Laurie: I realize you are one of my closer WP friends who does not receive my blog – I think you might enjoy some of the Fall colors,on Long Island, NY!

  11. I love the autumn colors and all the holiday decorations that will soon be on display, but I’m with Sherlock, it’s time to find a favorite blanket and book.πŸ™‚ Loved the photos, especially the wonderful shot of Sherlock.πŸ™‚

  12. Beautiful images, Laurie! I am always sad to see the summer pass, though I do love the bright autumnal colours. November is usually a calmer month; the colours are muted, as you say and I often think that nature is holding its breath in November, waiting for winter to arrive.

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