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Farewell to Hostas

For the past week, it has been unusually warm—in the 70s. It hardly feels like autumn in Maine at all.

But the the hostas know that summer is over.

I’ve begun emptying and cleaning pots. This weekend, I’ll start bringing in the garden ornaments.

Somehow, it is always more fun to bring them out in the spring than it is to put them away in the fall.

On other matters…I have done major editing on my book Library Lost, and I will soon be receiving the first proof copy. Always exciting, but the work is not done. I’ll be going over the proof copy line by line. Onward, ho!

A couple of days ago, a terrible hurricane slammed the coast of Florida. What devastation! I wonder what will become of coastal communities, especially in the South, as the oceans continue to heat up and the storms get worse and worse.

In North Carolina, where our daughter and son-in-law live, the hurricane notched itself down to a tropical storm. Nevertheless, the winds were strong, trees were toppled, and there were widespread power outages. In fact, my daughter and son-in-law don’t have electricty. At least they have water. But as a veteran of power outages, I can attest to the fact that they are no fun at all. For us, what a happy day it is when the refrigerator whirs back to life as the power comes back on.

But how horrible to lose everything in a storm. Somehow, when compared with such destruction, a power outage doesn’t seem that bad.



The Book’s the Thing: Taking a Short Break from Blogging

Right now, most of my time, focus, and energy are directed toward getting my YA fantasy Library Lost ready for publication. The final editing is long, slow, and somewhat tedious, but it is part of the process if you want a good book.

So, I will be taking a short break from blogging in order to get the editing done. The break will probably last a week or so, maybe a little more. We’ll see.

In the meantime, suppers are very simple—scrambled eggs, fish and chips, noodle soup with egg, peas, and sesame oil. (Actually, the last one is delicious and will be carried over when the editing is done.) Also, housecleaning is minimal, a lick and a wipe, as the old saying goes. When the editing is finished, there will be time enough for cooking and cleaning.

Many readers have commented on the color of Library Lost and how great it will look with Maya and the Book of Everything. Here is a graphic from Bookfly, the terrific company that designed the cover, which shows how the two books will look side by side.

What color do you think the third book should be?

Introducing…The Cover for Library Lost!

Here it is! The cover for my YA fantasy novel Library Lost, the second book in my Great Library series and the sequel of Maya and the Book of Everything. How exciting it all is! (For new readers of this blog, click here for a description of Maya and the Book of Everything.)

So, drum roll, please! Introducing the cover for Library Lost!

As I am sure you can gather from the cover (and the title), Library Lost is a darker story than Maya and the Book of Everything. Maya, the plucky heroine, is in great danger as she faces Chaos and other dark forces.

A big thank you to the many readers who bought Maya and the Book of Everything and had such wonderful things to say about the novel. I so appreciate the support.

The publication date for Library Lost is slated for this October/November 2018. Just around the corner.

I’ll be keeping you posted.

Clif Meets the first Doctor

We never know where Maya and the Book of Everything will take us.  Last weekend, my book brought us to the Great Falls Comic Expo, which was in Lewiston, Maine. At the Expo, Clif got a chance to check out the TARDIS and meet the first Doctor. Lucky fellow!

Batman and Robin were also on hand to pose for a picture.

Never fear! The Lewiston Public Library was at the Expo to bring a bit of gravitas to the event.

Along with selling books, one of the great pleasures of going to various fairs and expos is meeting the other vendors.

At the Great Falls Comic Expo, we were next to the fabulous Johnny C, writer, director, producer, and barista.

And his friend Keith Gleason, who is the organizer of Plastic City Comic Con as well as a snappy artist.

Now, it’s time to return to Earth and finish editing my upcoming book, Library Lost. I’m coming down the homestretch and soon there will be a proof copy to go over.

Best of all, sometimes this week, the cover will be ready to share.

Busy but exciting times.

Kit, Dogs, and Kids Leave

This morning, Shannon and Mike packed the dogs and the cat into the car to begin the long trip back to North Carolina. While there has been flooding in their area, the waters have receded, and their town house, on a hill, remained dry. Other people in North Carolina have not been so lucky, and I expect it will be a long time before some areas recover. How terrible it must be to have your home severely damaged or destroyed, and I always feel so sorry for those who have endured such a loss.

On a happier note…we had a wonderful week with Mike and Shannon. The best part was just sitting on the patio and talking. We are lucky indeed to have a daughter and son-in-law who love books, movies, and art as much as we do. So much to discuss! Also, when it comes to politics, we are like minded, and that is another plus.

Yesterday, as a farewell breakfast, we went to Forage Market in Lewiston, and Shannon and Mike were very impressed with the food. Holy cats, those bagels are good. I bought extra for us to have this morning, and the day-old bagels were still pretty tasty.

The house is quiet now, and as always after our children leave, we feel let down and blue. Fortunately, we have a little something to keep us busy.

The cover for my upcoming fantasy novel, Library Lost, is nearly ready, and how exciting it was to see the proof.  I am thrilled with the cover, which will be a perfect complement to Maya and the Book of Everything.

As soon as Library Lost’s cover is ready, I’ll be posting it on this blog for everyone to see.

And next week, I will return to reading blogs and commenting. This week, with all the talking, eating, and having fun, I just didn’t have the time to keep up with everyone.

And So It Begins: Editing, Hurricane Florence, and a Full House

As fall makes a tentative appearance with weather so cool that it actually feels brisk—going from 95° to 60° in less than a week—the tempo at our house has gone from busy to out straight.

Dee has finished editing my YA fantasy novel, Library Lost. For new blog readers, this is the second book in my Great Library Series, the sequel to Maya and the Book of Everything. Now comes the hard work of copy editing. Only basic housework will be done. Meals will be very, very simple. The book must be edited! I am so glad I now follow my blogging friend Jason’s lead and no longer cut back perennials in the fall. Instead, I wait until spring. (Jason’s wonderful blog is Garden in a City.)

To add to the merry chaos, our daughter Shannon, her husband Mike, their dogs Holly and Somara, and their cat Penny will be coming for a visit the end of this week. That’s right, even the cat. Hurricane Florence, a most unwelcome guest, will be pounding North Carolina, where Mike and Shannon live, just after they leave for Maine. Mike and Shannon are afraid that flooding will make it impossible for their pet sitter to tend Penny.

So when Shannon asked about bringing Penny, I immediately said, “Yes.”

The complicating factor, of course, is that we have two cats who just barely tolerate the two dogs, whom they know. As for a cat they’ve never met…well, I’m sure you can picture the results. A lot of hissing and fighting.

But never fear! We have come up with a solution. We had folding doors in our basement, and Clif has brought them upstairs to put at the end of the hall so that Penny will have her own little suite of a bedroom, a reading room, and a half bath. Sounds pretty nice, doesn’t it? I hope she likes our selection of books.

I probably won’t be blogging much in the next few weeks, and if I do, most likely it will be a picture along with a few lines.

So onward, ho, to editing and dogs and cats and sacks and wives.



A Very Maya Weekend

On Saturday and Sunday, Clif and I went to two events to sell our books—Maya and the Book of Everything and The Wave of Time.  A busy weekend but a good one.

On Saturday, we set up at the Winthrop Sidewalk Art Festival, which was right in our own little town. How nice it was to only drive a mile to get to this event. On the other hand, the weather was far from nice. In the morning, it rained, and when the rain stopped a high wind blew through town. Here is the gray view from our booth.

Nevertheless, lots of people—bearing umbrellas—came to the art festival, and we sold quite a few books. So despite the bad weather, we did well.

The next day, Sunday, was a much better day, and off to Lewiston we went to the Sunday Indie Market, which had a fun, funky vibe.

Unfortunately, there was another big event in the area—a balloon festival—so not many people came to the Indie Market. No matter! We still had a good time, and we loved being a part of the Market.

We enjoyed being on the city sidewalk and hearing a clock in the distance chime at noon.

Clif at our tent

On one side of me was Courtney Schlacter from Quiet City Books, which is not far from where the Indie Market was held. Three copies of Maya and the Book of Everything soon will be in her store, and for the December Indie Market, we’ll have a pop-up table at Quiet City Books.

On the other side of us was Bella’s Best Sweets & Treats. Oh, my! I, of course, succumbed to a cupcake, and it was ever so good—moist, chocolatey, and filled with cream. And, yes, I did share it with Clif.

Nearby, to add to the fun, a folksy, bluesy band played.

Not a bad way to spend a sunny Sunday afternoon! And kudos to the Indie Market group who, among others, is helping to revitalize Lewiston, a factory city that has been down in the heels for quite a while.