Spring is Here!

Spring has finally arrived in Maine.

Last Wednesday, we had small patches of snow in the backyard.

But the next day, on Thursday, April 12, the snow was completely gone. In the little pond down the road, the frogs were clicking and clacking, but so far, no peepers.

On Friday, the temperature jacked up to 80Β°F, and heat records were broken statewide. Too hot for April in Maine, that’s for sure. Fortunately, by Saturday the temperature had dropped to something approaching normal for this time of year.

The table is now on the patio, and we had lunch out there several days in a row. If you look closely, you can see bright green coming up in the garden.

The chipmunks are out of hibernation, and they have decided that our compost bin is their neighborhood grocery store. Note how they have chewed the side vents to make bigger holes for easy in, easy out.

Overnight, it seems, the goldfinches went from drab feathers to bright yellow. (Dawn, from the blog Change Is Hard, has noted this, too.) Because of the sun, the goldfinch’s colors are washed out in the picture below, but the bird on the left gives some idea as to the yellowness of the feathers. I’ll try to get a better picture in the upcoming days.

Now the busy season has begun: raking, removal of leaves from the various beds, adding compost, moving plants. To borrow from a comment on a blog I read recently—alas, I can’t remember which one—it now takes me a week to accomplish what I once could accomplish in day. Ah, well. What I lack in speed, I make up with persistence. Despite my dratted creaky knees, I am outside most nice days.

Minerva, the guardian of the front yard, is waiting patiently for me to come around. By now, she knows that I always start in the backyard and work my way to the front.

“Soon, soon,” I promise her.

Wisely, Minerva makes no remark.


Books: In Which I Toot My Own Horn

Normally, in this section, I feature books that are not my own. But this week I can’t resist sharing a blog post written by my blogging friend Alys of Gardening Nirvana. The title of the piece is A Meeting of Libraries, Real and Imagined, and it features copies of my book Of Time and Magic as they make their way to various Little Free Libraries near where Alys lives all the way across the country. (Two of the Little Free Libraries are in her very own front yard.)

Holy cats, I was pleased! And those Little Free Libraries are utterly adorable. If you have a chance, click on the link in the above paragraph and take a look not only at my book but also at the sweet little libraries whose mission it is to put books in the hands of book lovers.

Many, many thanks Alys.

55 thoughts on “Spring is Here!”

  1. Those little chipmunks are so cute – they’re not native to the U.K, but I believe some irresponsible pet owners released some back in the 70s so apparently there are some around.
    The goldfinches only deign to visit our garden if we stock up on niger seeds – nothing else will tempt them. They come in little gangs.
    I knew you’d be pleased to see your books in Alys’s little free libraries.

    1. Those chippers are cute. And aside from the compost bin incursion, they pretty much mind their own business and never try to come into the house.

      So wonderful to see my books in those little free libraries.

  2. Last week’s warm spell really kickstarted spring, melting the last of the snow, greening up the lawn and opening the tree buds. Happy days!
    Those cheeky little chipmunks! I think I like goldfinches better. πŸ˜‰
    I enjoyed seeing your books being shared in the LFL in SJ, California, how fun!

  3. How wonderful to experience spring changes and the arrival of colourful birds in your garden. Even though we are heading for winter (the nights cool down fairly quickly) we have been enjoying temperatures of 32’C (89.6’F) over the past few days. How wonderful to read of your books surfacing elsewhere – well done!

    1. Although I love winter, spring is always a joyful time of year. To this Mainer, 89 degrees is very hot indeed. πŸ˜‰

      Yes, wonderful that my books are surfacing in California.

  4. Hi. Working outside tires me out more quickly than it used to. I spent the last hour pulling out weeds, gathering up yard debris, etc., and I’m kind of pooped. I’m taking a rest now. In a while I’ll head outside to mow the lawn. After that, I’ll really be pooped.

  5. I’m so glad you got to experience this early spring too. It’s snowing here today, but it won’t accumulate (I don’t think) and I miss the sun and warm temps. But it’s like this every April and I know spring really IS here, and that winter will give up any day now. Maybe. I’m also glad your books are getting around to the free libraries!!!

  6. Ah, spring. She’s sprung! Well, not quite up here 200 miles or so north, but closing in. And I see from watching some of the Boston Marathon that the grass that far south is all green and their leaves are starting to pop. Patience is a virtue! As our snow is closing in on disappearing the St. John River ( just behind our house) is rising. A spring ritual, guessing how high it will come. I had read Alys’s blog post about your books, very cool!

    1. Those 200 miles really make a difference. My daughter and son-in-law live 200 miles south, and we notice the difference whenever we visit.

      Yes, very cool to see my book featured on Alys’s post.

  7. We are still without internet and I’m struggling to read much in pubs and cafes, but I’m really pleased I saw this post. What a sweet thing for Alys to have done. I’m glad spring has arrived in Maine.

  8. Amazing how spring just showed up to stay, Laurie. Your compost bin (aka chipmunk market) cracked me up. And the goldfinches are beautiful. Take it easy with the yardwork, but enjoy being out there in the sunshine. πŸ™‚

  9. Oh lovely to see the Little Free Libraries, they look so cute and what a good way to send books on to new readers, and hopefully librarians.
    And when it comes to gardening and tidying, I absolutely agree that I achieve in a week what I used to achieve in a day!

    1. So very lovely! And, yes, a great way to send books on to new readers. I’ve more or less resigned myself to being slow in the garden. More or less. πŸ˜‰

  10. The little free libraries are becoming more common here. The most unusual one I’ve found is near the visitors’ center in the Big Thicket of east Texas. I keep meaning to check out the selection, just from curiosity. It’s good that your books are ‘going public’ in that way, too. Options to the ubiquitous screens are so important!

  11. Yaay, great to see Spring is here and you can enjoy sitting on the patio again! So lovely to see your books shared through Little Libraries by your friend Alys too πŸ’œ

  12. LOVE the Little Libraries and how wonderful to see your books on display!!!πŸ™‚ The weather was amazing last week and can’t believe we have had rain and snow the last two days, I already miss sitting outside.πŸ™‚

    1. It was such a treat to see them at various Little Free Libraries in California.

      The weather is chilly in Maine, too. No sitting outside for a few days at least.

  13. YAY! Spring and not a moment too soon. Enjoy getting out in the warm sun again.

  14. Oh, my goodness, what a wonderful post! Spring, chipmunks, and Little Free Libraries. So exciting to see your books in those adorable LFL’s . We have several of them in our area now. They make me happy every time I see them.

  15. I love all these signs of spring! Our snow is all gone and I spent a day last week planting some hardy flowers that will survive these last few frosty nights. I’m looking forward to picking peas soon!

  16. 80 degrees is a heat wave! The warmest it has been so far this spring is lower 60s here. Most days are in the 40s or lower 50s.

    I love the little libraries, and have encountered them here, mostly around Corvallis. Good to see your books circulating!

  17. Woohoo! Steady on, Laurie! Enjoy the outdoors again and the readying of the patio and garden for visitors and sitting out!

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