Deep Winter

In Maine, we are now in deep winter, a cold, snowy, brilliant time of year. Some people, especially those who are affected by the lack of light, get the blues in February or go stir crazy or a combination of the two. I am happy to report that winter doesn’t get me down. No, for me, that comes with March, just around the corner, and a category of its own in Maine.

While I love the hustle and bustle of the holidays, I am grateful for the calm of winter, a time to write, read, and perhaps do a bit of organizing, although I never get too far with this. I find February restful—unless, of course, there is a big storm—and hunkering down at night is soothing rather than dreary.

Here was the temperature this morning, before I went out to take pictures. Cold but not brutal, the way it has been in the Midwest.

Our driveway is no longer glare ice, and although care is still needed, walking to the car or the mailbox is much less treacherous than it has been.

I always like to see our cozy, little home tucked in the snow.

Out back, the patio is completely covered with snow. No patio nights for a while, no glimpses of flowers as there are with some of my blogging friends.

Then there is the forest, mysterious any time of year.

Hard to resist a season where there are so many blue shadows in the yard and in the woods.



38 thoughts on “Deep Winter”

  1. Wonderful winter impressions, Laurie. The blue shadows brings a lovely calmness. Lucky you to live in Maine! -11°C sounds great. I’m visiting the family in Norway next week and I hope for a change in temperatures until then. It was -30° two days ago.

  2. A good picture of winter in New England! Your driveway, snug house, and path into the forest bring back strong memories of our years in mid-coast Maine and the New Hampshire Lakes. Thank you!

  3. Red house, red car, green trees and white all around. No wonder you don’t mind snuggling in during the cold months of winter.

  4. That’s us too, here near Woodstock NY this week, with a good foot of the snow still and lots more shovelled into piles on the street. I haven’t left the house in maybe seven days, but it’s okay. The beauty of it during the day makes all the difference for me–

  5. Beautiful images of Winter’s peace dear Laurie and your home looks so cosy among the snows and greenery 🙂💖 xxx

  6. Ah, enjoy your cozy February. We’ll have to find some way to make March more enjoyable for you guys. Maybe something like an Advent Calendar, with treats for every miserable day. : )

  7. Your home looks as snug as a bug in a rug in its snowy surroundings. The photo of your back patio and the woods makes me think of Robert Frost but when you stop by the snowy woods you are home. Lucky you! ❤

  8. Your home looks warm & inviting and very pretty against the backdrop of snow & the forest. Like you I enjoy a bit of restful time in winter, however our winters are very mild compared with yours.keep warm! ❄️⛅️

  9. I feel pretty much the same about February . . . and the dreaded March. You’d think I’d learn, at my advanced age, that March is still winter, in a big way, but I always hope for signs of spring, and am always disappointed.

  10. I will savor this cold month of February, I’ll hope that March decides which camp it wants to be in, winter or spring. Make up her mind! March is too ‘on the fence’ for my liking as well!

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