When the Cold Comes

For the past few days, this is how it has been.

Cold but beautiful when I went to visit my friend who lives by the Upper Narrows Pond.

And so chilly in the morning, this is what the storm windows looked like.

So what to do? Only one thing. Toast and tea, which makes the chilliest day a little better.

I hope all of my readers who live in a cold climate stay warm and cozy this weekend.

33 thoughts on “When the Cold Comes”

  1. Lovely frost feathers! It has been extra cold of late, but it is supposed to reach the low forties this weekend through the week ahead (we’ll see). The snow cover might actually melt!

  2. Great photos. Wonderful view of the lake. It’s hard to believe that in the not too distant future, we’ll be swimming again!

  3. The cold also brought us the opportunity to have a clear sky to view the Geminid meteor shower. it was wonderful. Love those frost patterns.

  4. Frost patterns are so lovely! I never knew about them until I saw your photos last year or years before that…time feels all tangled and not so linear as I get older and lose more and more beloved friends and family…
    Tea and toast are always a great comfort! Many moments of conversation with my mother and then later with my daughter and grand daughter were held while eating this comforting combination. Stay safe and warm dear Laurie!

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