A Sparkling Time on Saturday

On Saturday, Clif and I had a pop-up table at Quiet City Books in Lewiston. Quiet City is surely one of the best little bookstores in Maine, with a wonderful selection of books and gifts for readers of all ages.

We were at the bookstore as part of an event called Sparkle Saturday, where the many stores and restaurants on Lisbon street opened their doors to welcome crafters and artists to set up tables.

The goal was to encourage people to come downtown and shop locally. If our experience was any indication, then I would have to say that Sparkle Saturday was a smashing success. Truly, we had our best day ever at a single event. How fun it was to watch people come into the bookstore, browse, stop at our table, buy books, and then head to the front counter with another armload of books to purchase from Courtney, the owner. Oh, the heart of this nerdy, wordy book girl was filled with joy.

Readers, I know I am preaching to the choir, but I want to emphasize how much it means to writers, crafters, artists, and local businesses when people buy their wares. Most of us have budgets as big as a minute, and it is a huge boost to have a day like Sparkle Saturday, where shoppers are out and about, planning to buy presents from someplace other than a big box store.

I got into the holiday spirit and bought an adorable felt Santa ornament from Maureen Andrew from Warm as Wool.

Maureen was also a vendor at Quiet City Books.

Finally, here is a shot of dusk in Lewiston as the moon rises over a building, casting a soft light on everything, bringing good cheer and hope to a small city that is still struggling but is beginning to find its way.





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    1. Judy, we had a wonderful day. Yes, checkout the new bookstore. I’m sure someone on your Christmas list would absolutely love to get a book for Christmas.

    1. Lavinia, I hadn’t thought about this until Tootlepedal mentioned how much better Sparkle Saturday was than Black Friday. And he is so right. People looked as though they were having a great time visiting all the shops and pop-ups. Nobody looked frazzled.

  1. It is nice to follow the changes you have identified in the rebirth of the Lewiston area. Having a sense of community is a huge benefit and it seem that Lewiston is capitalizing on that.

  2. Wonderful post. I am so glad Sparkle Saturday was a success! Hooray for Lewiston!! I love buying from authors and artists…( I am very happy that I bought your 2 books as a gift.)❀

  3. Bookshops are my absolutely favourite places & I really enjoy meeting authors too. So glad Sparky Saturday was a success.. what a great place to have in any town … gives the whole community a sense of belonging.

  4. What a great event and so needed in the town of Lewiston, a community that is working so hard to revitalize the downtown and bring people into the shops! You probably remember or heard stories about Lisbon street back in the day! Rick (Mr. Fernwood) graduated from Edward Little and remembers when it was pretty rough and rowdy. What a change from then! I believe there is also a great bakery ( fresh bagels) on Lisbon street now and new shops with great promise for bringing in shoppers. So nice to hear! Hurray for you and the successful pop-up selling your books and hurray for all who support writers, artists, and local business!!

    1. Denise, Lewiston is still a rough place, but there are people who are trying to make it better. They have started a spark. Now, if only the city and perhaps even Bates College would help it grow. There is a fantastic bakery called Forage, which is on Lisbon Street. Do go there if you are ever in the area. Oh, yum!

  5. Now that sounds like a great day! A day in a small bookshop, surrounded by words and people who love them . . . perfect. (Plus the good sales–wheeeee!)

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