Now There Is Hope

No two ways about it. The recent elections threw me in a tizzy, and I am oh so glad that overall there was more good than bad. I am also coming down the homestretch with Library Lost. Between those two things, I don’t have much energy for anything else.

But yesterday afternoon in the front yard,Β  the light was so beautiful that I did make time to take a few pictures.

Looking up, there are oak leaves.

Looking down, ditto.

Little Minerva is nearly buried.

And one lone phlox flower hangs on.

Finally, this captures how I feel after Tuesday’s elections. So light, so grateful.

While the work certainly isn’t done—we can never say, “There! Finished!”—after the past two miserable years, there is now hope.

31 thoughts on “Now There Is Hope”

  1. Me too–I have not looked at every horrible political artcile because I don’t want to know bad stuff right now, but that some good happened and was not all stolen is very good. And I love phlox!

      1. Yeah–I just don’t watch it. I think destruction and harm and sadism and cruelty and all that is truly very boring in a bad way, much more boring than honestly sustaining and creating the good.

    1. Susan, you bet! Right now it feels as though almost half the country is on Planet Crazy, and it doens’t feel as though they will be coming back to Earth anytime soon.

  2. Beautiful oak leaves Laurie and a lot of good news to be grateful for. Enjoy the homestretch with Library Lost, you are almost there! πŸ€—πŸ’–πŸ‚xxx

  3. I hope at least the House will balance the Senate. We had one peaceful day, now they are back at it. Where is the Love? πŸ˜‰
    Best wishes for the home stretch. Looking forward to reading the next installment!

  4. I think there are people all over the world breathing a sigh of relief. Your gardn is having a last hurrah! Good luck with your final touches to the book.

  5. It’s easier to see the beauty in the natural world now that the political world is slightly more balanced. Stressful times but we do what we can, and hope. Now, go finish the books chores and really enjoy some relaxation!

  6. Lovely photos!πŸ™‚ Our neighborhood was covered in snow and oak leaves this morning, but some of the snow is beginning to melt. I’m glad we have hope again and am looking forward to seeing changes in the new year when they take office.πŸ™‚

  7. Lovely autumn leaf photos.. I enjoyed them ..hope your book editing is going well & we are with you in spirit, (Paul is doing a PHD in health care equity in Australia.)

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