31 thoughts on “Now Is the Winter…”

  1. Hopefully this won’t be the winter … of our discontent. Your photos sure look cold! I especially like the one of the single oak leaf on the snow.

    1. We did. Wet and heavy. Some people have lost power, but I don’t think the snow is going to stick around. However, with the weird weather we’ve been having, who knows?

  2. So lovely to see the first snow around the Autumn colours Laurie and the image with the oak leaf is especially beautiful. Thank you too for sharing the Counting Crows song – it brings back happy memories of their gig in London many years ago 🙂💖🎶

      1. It was wonderful, there might be some Youtube clips from their 1994 and 2000 tours of Europe 🙂💖 xxx

  3. I could see some great white patches over the eastern part of the US when I looked at our Atlantic forecast and wondered about you. You can keep the snow all to yourself if you want.

  4. Wow! That second photo of the leaf is particularly pretty. Here in California we’re desperate for any kind of weather that might bring our wildfires under control. These pics lift my spirits, Laurie.

    1. Wish I could send rain your way. With our hearts in our throats, on the news we have watched those dreadful fires. So terrible! May they end soon, and I hope you and yours are not in the fire’s path. Truly, it looks like a scene out of hell.

  5. We’ve had flurries but no coating of snow yet, although the Adirondacks and Green Mountains, off in the distance, all have white heads. I can’t say I’m ready for this . . .

  6. Somehow I missed this post so no wonder I was so shocked to see your sweet home surrounded by snow on your later blog. I love the Counting Crows and I enjoyed this music to accompany your lovely photos of white frosting on Autumn…

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