Bursts of Yellow and Russet on a Rainy Election Day

A brief note about the election: For Maine, it was a very good night. The Democrats now control all three branches of government. Finally, finally, 70,000 low-income folks soon will receive good, affordable health care and not have to resort to going to the emergency room when they are ill. Nationally, there are many states that switched from Republican  to Democratic, and Democrats now control the House. Unfortunately, the tide did not turn in Florida, Georgia, and Texas, and the Republicans gained more seats in the Senate. So, Trump’s scare tactics worked to some degree, and we are still a very divided nation. However, real gains were made. Because of all the election brouhaha, I won’t be getting much work done, but I will allow myself to be happy on this day.

And onward, ho!

18 thoughts on “Bursts of Yellow and Russet on a Rainy Election Day”

  1. More good then bad – a good day for the country and a good day to be a Democrat! 🙂

  2. Affordable health care is so important, so it must be a great relief to you to know this will be happening in Maine. I just looked at a news update and there seem to be quite a few positives in this election….keep a smile on your face!.

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