From Pancakes to Christmas Lights

The week started on a good note, and it only improved as the days went by.

We began with pancakes, one of my favorite suppers. I know. Traditionally they are served for breakfast, but I am not a morning person and much prefer them at night. I hate to brag, but Clif makes the best pancakes. Ever.

From there, a couple of days later, it was on to pizza. I went to Cushnoc to meet friends for lunch and to celebrate the publication of Library Lost. We had very jolly time, and the pizza was utterly delicious.

Midweek, the weather turned cold, but even that had its advantages as Jack Frost left a beautiful ice fern on my bedroom window.

The week ended with lights on the deck.

And I had a little friend watch as I strung the lights.

Now, onward to the Christmas tree. Ho, ho, ho!

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