The Many Faces of Santa

I am someone who loves diversity. I am fascinated by the food, stories, and ways of other cultures. To me, these differences bring richness, variety, and snap to life.

It is one of the reasons why I used to enjoy going to New York City to visit my daughter. (Alas, my creaky knees can no longer handle the subway system.) So many different types of people—short, tall, thin, fat, brown, white, black, Asian. Wonderful! On one trip, I remember sitting at an outdoor table and just soaking it all in.

I collect Santas, and the ornaments on my tree reflect my love of diversity.

Here is a traditional one.

Here is a fantasy Santa who looks like a wizard. After all, I like to say i was born in County Tolkien, even though I was really born in Kennebec County in Waterville, Maine.

There is also a Father Christmas type who resembles the late great Canadian author Robertson Davies.

And this is one of my favorite Santas.

There is even an Uncle Sam Santa.

Finally, here is a north woods Santa, which honors where I live, north of north, where the winters are still very cold.

The generosity of this season, personified by Santa, embodies a big-heartedness that can embrace all cultures and take in their beauty.

We would do well to carry this lesson with us throughout the year.

33 thoughts on “The Many Faces of Santa”

  1. Wonderful ornaments! Do you collect Santa figurines too? I have a large collection of them I’d love to share with you.

    1. Oh, my word!!! Read your decorating post from 2016 and I LOVE all those diverse Santas. Just wonderful! Also, not a surprise, but how lovely it was to read how your philosophy so closely matches mine.

      1. Aren’t the Santas amazing?? I love them all. And, yes, finding people who share our values is one of the nicest gifts WordPress gives us!

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