A Very Brisk Thanksgiving

Yesterday morning this was the temperature, and a brisk wind made the air feel even colder.

There were frost ferns on the door,

and other windows were frosted, too.

No matter. Clif built a fire in the wood furnace in our cellar, and the house was cozy and warm.

This year we had a quiet Thanksgiving, with our daughter Dee being our sole guest. Although Clif and I missed those who couldn’t come, we had an absolutely delightful time. Being movie hounds, we watched two movies. The first was the excellent The Ballad of Buster Scruggs, a dark, haunting Western presented in six episodes by the Coen brothers. The Ballad is available on Netflix. The second movie was the not-so-excellent The Square, which we thought would be a story about modern art and its uses (and abuses) but instead mostly turned out to be the tale of a hapless, bumbling museum director who seemed to be in a permanent state of arrested development. Ah, well!

This year we had a vegetarian Thanksgiving dinner, and it was very good indeed. Clif and I have been going down the vegetarian path for years and are now mostly there. Dee has been a vegetarian since her college days. So we dispensed with the turkey and made the sides the main meal. For dessert was homemade chocolate cream pie, but I forget to take a picture of it.

In the upper left hand corner of the above photo is what looks like a golden roll. However, American readers will recognize this roll for what it is—a biscuit.

Here is a closer look at the biscuits, arrayed in glory on a platter.

American biscuits are something like a scone, but they are not at all sweet and make a fine accompaniment to almost any meal, especially stews and soups.

Biscuits are also good for breakfast, and that’s exactly what we had this morning, along with scrambled eggs made from the beauties our neighbor brought us.

Tonight, there will be leftovers and pies.

The feasting continues!


31 thoughts on “A Very Brisk Thanksgiving”

  1. Love the frosty patterns on glass and the biscuits look delicious… Always thankful for you and your wonderful sharing of your life in beautiful Maine! Lots of love to you Laurie!โค

  2. The frost ferns on your door and the patterns on the windows look beautiful Laurie and it sounds cosy with the wood furnace on the go and yummy vegetarian food. We wish you all a wonderful weekend and much love to you from all of us here ๐Ÿค—๐Ÿ’– xxx

  3. I love biscuits, though we don’t include them in our Thanksgiving meal. I also watched the Ballad of Buster Scruggs. I thought it was fun. Last night my son David and I watched The Death of Stalin, which is a good movie if you like Russian history and very dark humor.

    1. Daughter Dee LOVES biscuits and as they are a snap to make, they were included this year in our celebration. “The Death of Stalin” is on my list. I’ve heard good things about it, and I am just fine with dark humor.

  4. The fern covered door is spectacular. On another note my favorite breakfast is hot biscuits, comb homb honey and a side of bacon. My biscuits are not as good as th memory of my mother’s.

  5. I do love the patterns on the windows, and I bet your little cat still has her head under the covers! (I guess you are still missing your old dog) We have seen a few Coen brother movies, so we’ll look out for the Ballad. Belated Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family.

  6. It was crazy cold here, too! We didn’t even put our noses out all day. Your meal looks great–I’d happily skip the turkey for more stuffing (although we had enchiladas and loved them!)

  7. Delicious-looking food, Laurie and thank you for the photo of your biscuits. The frost ferns are very beautiful and like Derrick, I am reminded of the unheated house I grew up in. We had a coal fire in the living room and that was all.

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