More Snow to Come

There are two things Mainers hate to see in the winter—the first is rain, and the second is freezing rain. The two often come hand in hand, and at best, they make the landscape a soggy, unappealing mess. At worst, the roads and walkways become slippery, treacherous even. And the power goes out.

Yesterday, we got both, and here is what the driveway looked like. What. A. Mess.

The front yard looked a little better. The uncut perennials bring some visual interest to the wet landscape. Still, it’s hardly a sparkling winter wonderland.

I am happy to report that we did not lose our power, and fortunately, the roads were not slippery as we had to bring our daughter Dee to Portland where she could take the bus back to New York City. While we were sorry to see her leave and would have loved to have had another day with her, it was good Dee could leave when planned. She didn’t have to forfeitย  her bus ticket, and she didn’t have to take another vacation day.

While Dee was here, we went to the cinema to watch two movies that perfectly illustrate our eclectic tastes. Both films were worth seeing. The first was Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald. Critics have not liked this movie very much, but with all due respect, I think the critics are wrong in this case. For those who like fantasy, Fantastic Beasts is a terrific movie with good acting, a fine script, wonderful cinematography, and a big plot about the supposed superiority of one group over another mixed in with the lust for power.

The second movie we saw was Widows, a dark heist movie starring the fabulous Viola Davis, among other good actors. Widows is not the fun romp that the Ocean’s movies were, but it sure is gripping, and the film leaves the viewer with much to think about. Again, the notion of power is explored, this time through the lenses of money, brutality, and politics. Also, there is a genuinely surprising plot twist that none of us saw coming.

Now that Dee is gone, we are settling back into our routine, which will be busy, busy, busy with a new book coming out soon. Very soon.

To add to the fun, another snow storm is coming.

Winter is definitely here, despite what the calendar might say, and I’m thinking it is time to bring the last of the frogs in.

33 thoughts on “More Snow to Come”

  1. Michael and I both liked Widows a lot and we liked Fantastic Beasts with reservations. To me, there was one plot line that seemed unnecessarily convoluted and didn’t really add anything. But overall, I did enjoy it and the acting was well done. Plus it’s just wonderful to be in that world! ๐Ÿ™‚

    Yuck to the freezing rain but glad that the temperatures didn’t drop until after you got Dee to the bus. Have fun with your next weather event. Winter is definitely coming in with a bang for you!

  2. I haven’t seen either of those movies. I’d like to see the ” beast” movies sometime. That frog looks like he’s been out in the cold too long! Frozen!

  3. It sounds like you had a great time with Dee and happy to hear you kept your power. Here’s hoping the freezing rain will turn to snow again and so exciting your book is almost here! ๐Ÿ˜€๐Ÿ’– xxx

  4. We had Old-Fashioned Snow once a week or two back, and now just plain rain, so it is not ice and horrible. I am hoping we get no real snow until the end of hunting season, since it seems so unfair to make it easier to track deer. Best wishes to all–

  5. Hey there, Laurie. The movie Widows is on my list. When I first heard about it, I thought it was a semi-comedy. But of course it isn’t. If The Hate U Give is playing near you, I think you’d like it. A powerful movie.

  6. I love your frog peeking out of the flower pot. Please be careful. Water under snow and on top of ice makes a slippery combination. Here’s hoping the forecasters are wrong!

  7. When I read your post and the comments I realize how ignorant I am about snow and icy winter weather! Our 2 desert tortoises are hibernating in their modified igloo dog houses and we won’t see them until March. So I thought for a moment you were talking about a real frog! That made me smile! Also I always enjoy your insights about the movies you see. Stay safe and warm!

    1. Oh, too funny! Tell me more about those tortoises. Did you just set up igloos, and they came and hibernated? Or did you import the tortoises? Now you see how ignorant I am. as for frogs…they hibernate in the mud during the winter.

  8. Widows sounds interesting … weโ€™ll put that on the list to see. I feel sorry for you putting up with the freezing rain .. no wonder you do not like winter.. keep warm โ˜”๏ธ๐Ÿ˜€

    1. Widows was very good. Well worth seeing. I’m fine with snow. I’m a Mainer, after all. Plus, I have a husband who cleans the driveway. ๐Ÿ˜‰ It’s the rain/freezing rain I hate in the winter. Never used to have it. A new arrival. Sigh.

  9. It definitely looks like it is time to bring the frog in.๐Ÿ™‚ Iโ€™ve been enjoying our early winter, but I absolutely agree with you about the rain and freezing rain. I canโ€™t believe we are dealing with icy roads and driveways in November. I hope you have made it through todayโ€™s snow storm with your power and safe roads. Iโ€™ve added both movies to my watchlist!๐Ÿ™‚

  10. What start to winter we’ve had! So much snow already, and cold, and now more wet snow. I hope this doesn’t portend a really rough few months to come . . .

  11. Your drive looks like the kind of snow we usually have. A few inches of snow that partially melts and then we get rain and then it freezes overnight. The roads aren’t gritted because the rain washes the salt away so we slide and skiddle about the next morning! Ugh! I am glad that poor little frog has come into the warm now!

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