Meeting Blogging Friends from Afar—Jason Kay and his wife Judy Hertz

For me, one of the great pleasures of blogging has been getting to know so many wonderful folks, near and far. Over the years, the bloggers have become friends as they’ve shared details of their everyday lives—their gardens, their cooking, their families, what they’re reading, and other enthusiasms.

Last week I actually got to meet one of my blogging friends from afar—Jason Kay, of Garden in the City, a very accomplished gardener. He and his wife Judy Hertz came all the way from Illinois to visit Maine. Jason emailed me, wondering if we could get together for lunch.

Yes, yes, I replied. Come to our home for a picnic, and Clif will make his legendary grilled bread.

This Jason and Judy did, seeing a part of Maine that is definitely off the beaten path and would never qualify as quaint.Β  While central Maine has some lovely countryside with lakes, forests, and hills, it is also the home of many factories, now abandoned, and there is a certain grittiness—earthiness if you want to be polite—to the area.

We all hit it off immediately. Because Jason and I have been reading each other’s blogs for a while, we already knew quite a bit about each other. And, as it turned out, the four of us have similar interests and tastes, which meant the conversation flowed.

Here are Judy and Jason in our backyard on the edge of the woods.

Clif’s grilled bread, as to be expected, was the hit of the picnic.

We didn’t think to take a picture of the grilled bread served that day. For those unfamiliar with Clif’s legendary grilled bread, here is one from another picnic.


Naturally, we talked about plants and all things green and growing. (Alas, my gardens were way past their best.) Jason has been interested in gardening since he was young, and the gardens around his home are a beautiful sight to behold. Visiting his blog, of course, really gives a sense of what he has accomplished over the years.

However, for a delightful overview of Jason’s gardens, here is a piece from Fine Gardening. Read, look, and marvel.

All too soon the afternoon was over, and Jason and Judy left.Β  What a fine afternoon we had, with the weather in the 70s and barely a cloud in the sky. Even the yellow jackets more less behaved, with only one or two buzzing around us.

Here’s an invitation to blogging friends who are thinking about visiting Maine when the weather is warm: You are welcome to join us for lunch on our patio at the edge of the woods. Clif will make his legendary grilled bread. I will provide other goodies.

See you next summer?






62 thoughts on “Meeting Blogging Friends from Afar—Jason Kay and his wife Judy Hertz”

  1. Oh Laurie I’m thrilled to read two of my favourite bloggers got together! πŸ‘πŸ‘..Of course you two would get along, and Judy and Clif too.
    We would love to see Fall in your part of the world and Paul already loves the look of Cliff’s grilled bread … maybe one day!
    Isn’t blogging a great way to share ideas and gardens and our places in the world? We are the richer for it.

  2. It is a great thing when people can connect over long distances and find so much in common! I am glad Judy and Jason were able to meet you! One day I will too! πŸ™‚

  3. What a wonderful visit and if we ever find ourselves in your vicinity – as unlikely as that seems – we will certainly take you up on your offer.

  4. I wish, Oh I wish, I could visit but there is the small problem of the Atlantic ocean in between! Jason’s garden looks fabulous and I have started to follow his blog so Thank you for the introduction. So glad you enjoyed your afternoon together.

  5. I’ve never been to Maine. I guess you’ll be hunkering down over the winter, but how cool you got to meet a blogging buddy when the weather was practically perfect!

  6. How delightful! I’m glad you got to meet up. (I have fond memories of our own meeting AND Clif’s bread πŸ˜‰ years ago. πŸ™‚ ) Did they make the trip to botanical gardens while they were here? I understand it has expanded since our visit. Blogging is wonderful how it brings like minds together!

      1. He is such an avid gardener, and to be so close, it would be a shame to miss such a wonderful garden. I loved that place and hope to see it again some day with its new layout.

  7. Over the years, meeting up with blogging friends in real time has been a terrific experience. I’m so glad that you were able to meet Jason and Judy — and I’m envious that they got to try Clif’s bread. What a wonderful day you had!

  8. What a great post, Laurie! I love that you all were able to spend some time together. Thank you for introducing Jason to me. His blog, and that article!, are wonderful.

      1. Well, my brother, who built the cabin in Maine, is in the middle of purchasing a 32 acre farm up there. He assured me that dogs will be welcome. So, Maine looks to be in my future . . .

  9. What a wonderful day and get together and looking at that bread it’s difficult not to jump in the car right now for a road trip!!😁 Would love to stop by for drinks and a chat if I ever make it to Maine and Harper wants to know if she can visit too!!🐾😁

  10. Great to turn a digital relationship into something more tangible. If we ever make it back to Maine I’ll definitely look you up (incidentally Maine has a special place in our memories, it being the last of the 50 US states that we visited!)

  11. What fun! I’m glad you know Jason and got to meet him and his wife. If we’re ever near your woods (which is a bit unlikely, but I can always hope) I’ll be sure to get in touch. Meanwhile, I’ll echo Derrick’s concluding words.

  12. Laurie, I’ve been smiling my way through this post. I’m delighted to hear of your meet-up, and I can personally attest to the joys and friendships I’ve formed since blogging. Thank you for that lovely invitation. I hope to one day take you up on it. As for the grilled bread, yum!

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