44 thoughts on “The Tangles of Fall”

  1. Beautiful, beautiful photographs – I love them all! Nonetheless, the first one would lovely in a frame, I think.

  2. Lovely autumn shots, Laurie. I see you have Asian bittersweet there as well. It is seriously overtaking our area! I wish I knew 25 years ago what a thug it is, I’d have done more to eliminate it from our land. Granted, it is pretty, but gheesh!

  3. Tangles of Fall is such a lovely phrase – you are a brilliant wordsmith! Love the photos.

  4. It’s so amazing … one minute it’s all sunshine & summer, and in a blink of an eye, fall has covered us with its colours.

      1. I think Maine scenery (from what I’ve experienced virtually) is gorgeous all year round – and so stunningly varied!

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