The Ice Storm Didn’t Cometh

Last weekend, an ice storm was predicted. There was even a weather advisory warning that we might get enough freezing rain to cause power outages.

Whenever there’s the threat of an ice storm, Clif and I think back to 1998 when there was a doozy of an ice storm that knocked out the power to half the state and felled trees with a sickening crack. We live in the woods, and during the worst of the storm, it sounded as though we were surrounded by gunfire as branches broke and fell to the ground.

We were without power for about eleven days, and what a miserable time we had. Every bit of water we used had to be hauled in, and the nights were long and chilly. (Fortunately we have a wood furnace, which meant we didn’t freeze.) It is a time we will never forget, and it certainly made us appreciate modern conveniences such as electricity.

Therefore, when we heard that there might be an ice storm, we sprang into action. Laundry done. Check. Extra bread for peanut butter sandwiches. Check. Plenty of wood in the basement for the furnace. Check. Extra water in big pots on the stove to go with the stored water in our cellar. Check. Check. Check.

We were ready. But to our delight and relief, the ice storm didn’t cometh. Instead, we got rain, which has made everything look miserable, but a dreary landscape is a vast improvement over a frozen, slippery one. And glory be, we didn’t have to worry about losing our power.

Instead of sharing pictures of what everything looks like now, I’ll share pictures I took midweek before the rain washed all the snow away. These were taken in town, about a mile from where we live, of Maranacook Lake.

I hope that we get a bit of snow and that Maine will look wintery again, the way it ought to in January. Not a blizzard mindΒ  you. Instead, five or six inches. We always want things to be just right, don’t we? It seems that most of us are a bunch of Goldilocks yearning for that perfect porridge. All too often, we are disappointed. Still, we yearn, and in that yearning lies hope.

Our cats, I think, have found their perfect sweet spot in our living room. Rain or snow or freezing rain, it doesn’t matter.

May you find your perfect sweet spot this week and every week.

54 thoughts on “The Ice Storm Didn’t Cometh”

  1. I am glad the ice storm didn’t come. May you get just the “right amount” of snow to make it a winter wonderland again!

    Cats always have the right idea. Sleep it off in a warm, comfortable place. πŸ™‚

  2. Glad the ice didn’t materialize. The worse storm conditions ever.
    I was relieved the storm stayed to the west and north of us. Not often that happens!
    Your kitties look so cozy – all the scene needs is you to curl up next to them with a good book. πŸ™‚

  3. The cats look very comfy Laurie and I’m delighted the ice storm didn’t come! The winter landscape looks beautiful and we hope you get to enjoy more snow again soon πŸ’œ xxx

  4. Paul and I are most admiring of you both for having the ability to cope with an ice storm and no electricity for 11 days! Blogging sure does give us all a window into many worlds. (And thanks for your comment on our bush fire world at the moment.)
    Our little dog was just like your cats … always had the best spot in the house!

    1. Well, it wasn’t fun that’s for sure, and harsh even by Maine standards, where we are used to cold weather and lots of snow. Yes, blogging gives us a window into many worlds. It’s a wonderful thing. Again, hope the rain comes and helps put out the fires and you and yours are safe! Finally, our buddies get the comfortable spots.

  5. Hi Laurie, We’re always getting dire predictions about weather which never materializes. Sometimes it’s kind of a let down – after you’ve geared up for the worst, but mostly a relief. I don’t know where you’re located, but I grew up in Oregon and we had ice storms that shut everything down just like you described. Sounds like you dodged a bullet.

    1. Yes, we dodged a bullet. Thank goodness. I live in Maine, and as a Mainer, I have no problem with snow. Ice, on the other hand, is another matter. Used to be very rare for Maine. Unfortunately, freezing rain has become more common.

  6. Sounds like you had life’s vital supplies lined up ready – peanut butter sandwiches to eat, logs for the fire, water to drink (though i might have had to check the wine supplies too!) and cats to cuddle.
    Your big ginger cat looks just like mine used to before he lost a bit of weight due to hypertension. He used to remind me of one of those nightdress cases from my childhood that you could unzip down the belly to put your nightie in when you weren’t wearing it (although I think mine was a bear rather than a cat).

  7. Hi, Laurie – Our weather forecasts have been way off as well. We were supposed to have a big dump of snow (for us) this coming Thursday but it came today instead (which was predicted to be warm and clear). Winter weather in many places can be anyone’s guess. I’m glad that your ice storm stayed away. I hope that it continues to do so!

  8. Glad to hear it turned out well. And by the looks of it, you well well prepared πŸ˜€

  9. And unpredicted, we had frozen rain this afternoon. Bob went out and turned back when the windshield started to freeze and the antilock brakes started to react!

  10. There are times when we don’t mind that the weather forecast was wrong! I’m glad you were spared, and I will follow your felines’ example and spread out in a cozy spot. 😸

    1. I had to spend some time thinking to figure it out. Now I’m wondering if I tend toward that superfluity. I’m going to do a search of my blog entries and find out!

  11. Glad you missed the storm. πŸ™‚ From the warm temps I’ve been reading about, I bet the plants can’t figure out what is going on with the weather anymore than we humans can. Thanks for the ‘sweet spot’ wishes. πŸ™‚

    1. My pleasure! A good size snow storm predicted for this weekend. We’ll see. Fortunately just snow, about seven inches. Nothing we can’t handle. πŸ˜‰

  12. I’m glad you didn’t get any ice. And that you would have been prepared if you did. Those cats look pampered and happy. They really don’t care about the weather.

    1. Also being prepared is the key. During the ice storm of 1998, we were woefully under-prepared. We made it through, but not being prepared made it that much harder. Now, if there is the hint of an ice storm, we spring into action. If the storm doesn’t come, good. If it does, then we have water, bread, and clean laundry. πŸ˜‰

  13. The weather here is not as harsh as you get but like you I can get snowed in very easily and if the power lines come down it can be ages before we are reconnected – understandably the first repairs are where the most homes will benefit and this more remote area is way down the list. I keep good stocks of wood for the fire, dried and tinned food for me and the pets and ‘cwtch’ in as they say in Wales. glad to hear you escaped this time. I hope you get the snow you want and it goes when you are fed up with it!

    1. Sounds very similar to your situation. I HATE being without power, especially for long stretches of time. But you are right. The first repairs are where the most homes will benefit. Snow is coming our way. A storm tomorrow with about seven inches predicted and a storm on Saturday with another seven inches. Perfect spacing and perfect amounts.

  14. I’m definitely in the Goldilocks mood lately and with you 100% on wanting January to look like winter again!! I’m glad the ice storm missed you and loved the wintry photos and your adorable cats!

  15. We do get snow from time to time, but ice is our problem here, and it’s no fun. I was talking about the weather with my aunt last weekend, and asked if she remember the year she and my uncle were visiting, and an ice storm arrived. She certainly did. I lived on the second floor, and when I left in the morning, a particularly false step sent me bouncing down the stairs, one step at a time. Hooray for heavy coats!

    Preparation’s the key, although eleven days is a long time to struggle with the cold. At least when tropical storms take out our power, it’s warm.

    1. Ice is no fun is right! Give me snow any day. Phew! Glad you didn’t hurt yourself bouncing down those stairs. Yes, preparation is the key. Eleven days was a very long time. How happy we were when everything hummed back to life.

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