43 thoughts on “In the Snow”

      1. ♥️ I’ve just been writing about the only snow we saw all last year (driving through the Cairngorms!) – the post should be up online tonight 🤞🏻 Your garden looks stunning – like a winter wonderland x

  1. Very nice! Do you think those are squirrel tracks? I think I’ve decided they are. I know squirrels have four toes on their front paws and five in the back, and that confused me. But, then I read that both squirrels and rabbits tend to place their larger hind feet in front of their smaller front feet as they travel – that would explain the four-toed prints being in back. What fun, to be able to see who’s cruising your neighborhood!

  2. I think that we’ve had plenty of snow and it can stop now. This year has, actually, been very mild and other areas of the country (we’re in Michigan) have had it lots worse, but I’m getting older now and have less tolerance for cold and shoveling and falling down and scrapping windshields.

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