The Patio Awaits

Somehow, the weather must have known that July has ended and August has begun. At least for the moment, the horrid humidity has gone. We no longer feel as though we are being squeezed and sapped by the heat. Instead, the warmth holds us in a gentle hand, reminding us of how sweet summer can be. And like Augusts of old, the past two nights have been so chilly that we have needed blankets.

A window is by my desk, and a turn of the head is all it takes to look outside and see a hummingbird working the hosta blossoms. In the bush by the window, a bird sings a piping, melodious song. I hear the buzz of grasshoppers, a true sound of summer, reminding me of the fragrant smell of a warm field.

At the end of the day, when the work is done, what awaits me is one of my absolute favorite places to be—our own humble patio.

Here is a side view.

Although you can’t see them in the photo, the Mardi Gras Parade daylilies have begun to bloom. Unfortunately, these daylilies are not thriving, but the colors are so pretty that I have left them there.

While Clif and I have a drink—sometimes cocktails, sometimes beer, sometimes iced tea—visitors come.

And on a fine August evening, caressed by the heat as I watch the birds and the dragonflies, I feel as though I am the luckiest woman in Winthrop.

49 thoughts on “The Patio Awaits”

  1. It’s been a wonderful change in the weather for sure! Your patio and plants look beautiful, a very restful spot for an end of the day drink. Let’s cross our fingers that August treats us well, with cool nights and sunny days!

  2. Oh, so beautiful, Laurie – are those nasturtiums spilling all over the place? I love them but it seems to be to hot here for them anymore. Enjoy your special garden.

  3. Such a lovely post, Laurie! I am pleased the temperature is now more to your liking and you are feeling better. Your patio looks so inviting and I love your guests!

  4. It’s so much better now here in France too – even though I usually think of August as the hottest month. I’ve actually been able to take my lunch outside to eat instead of opening the back door and swiftly closing it again to keep the heat out.
    Enjoy your patio evenings – long may they last.

    1. Wonderful that it’s better in France! We will certainly enjoy our patio evenings. Only about a month and half left to enjoy them. And you enjoy those lunches!

  5. Your patio is looking beautiful and inviting. I did smile at your daylily because I’ve been potting them up. We did around 50 yesterday afternoon and have another 60 or so to do this morning. I have the same one you have, and it’s a beauty. 🙂

  6. Here in the Appalachians we are still in “Two-T-Shirt ” days in the garden, though we too have had pleasant evenings and pull the quilt half-way up at 2 a.m. Life without air-conditioning. -Oscar

      1. 52F Monday morning, 78F Tuesday morning. Rain clouds overhead now. May be another Two-T-Shirt day either because of perspiration or working into a thunderstorm. No lack of garden beds to clean up. – Oscar

  7. You have created a bit of heaven on earth— not only for your enjoyment but an oasis for pollinators and a refuge for animals. Your flowers are a tangle of loveliness. I am happy to hear of nicer weather!☀

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