Alas, Poor Cabbage

On Wednesday, Clif and I set up our canopy and book display at the Gardiner Farmers Market, held at the lovely, expansive common on the hill above downtown. The Gardiner Common—or Green, as it is often called in New England—is a wonderful place for children.ย  The Common is large enough so that parents do not have to worry about childrenย  running into the road. There are swings and slides, and on hot days, a fountain to play in.

We were next to a vendor—Mike from Andrews Farm—with the most gorgeous array of veggies.

Here is a picture of Clif staring pensively at one of our purchases.

All in all, it was a relaxing day. There were no mosquitoes—praise be!—and the day was fine, warm but not too hot. We sold some books and prints. We listened to children play. We watched people walk their dogs. We bought a cabbage and some sugar snap peas, both of which we used in a stir-fry last night. Utterly delicious.

We have reserved another date in August to return to this farmers market, and we are looking forward to going back to the beautiful Gardiner Common.



33 thoughts on “Alas, Poor Cabbage”

  1. Thanks for the morning laugh. I suspect Yorick would have loved the market, had he been able to visit! Great title/photo combo!

  2. What gorgeous veggies. Not sure I would have stopped at peas and cabbage! Although I have a lot of my own beets to be eating. That’s a lovely cabbage, and better to contemplate than Yorick’s skull. I hope you sold lots of books!!

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