35 thoughts on “Little Buddy by the Fountain”

    1. Evening primroses or sundrops, depending on what you like to call them. They are pretty. If you lived a little closer, I’d offer you some for your gardens.

  1. I love the yellow and deep blue together. It’s a gorgeous combination. Your little buddy seems to enjoy it too!

  2. This is a beautiful photo. What a pretty refuge you have created. I love the deep blue and pale yellow and the 🐿 is the fun surprise!

  3. My cats are looking at this photo and saying, “nom, nom, nom–chippie!” I regularly rescue the little critters from the jaws of death . . .

  4. That cobalt and yellow combination is Van Gogh-ish, and just beautiful. As for the chipmunk — the little creature’s almost terminally cute.

  5. Just saw two of them chasing each other around the garden, then saw your photo. They’re fun to watch; dog likes them too but as hard as he tries to catch one, they always outsmart him! Which is a good thing!

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