First Snow of Winter

Officially, winter begins on December 21, but in Maine, winter begins with the first real snowfall. That is, the accumulation must be over four inches, and the snow must not melt during the next sunny day.

I think this storm, although just starting in central Maine, will fulfill both requirements. There is something exhilarating about the first real snow of winter, that cold tang, the softness of the snow.

Yes, winter will grow old, but right now, on this Saturday afternoon, as we prepare to decorate our tree, both Clif and I are in perfect agreement: Let it snow.

So it begins!





27 thoughts on “First Snow of Winter”

  1. I love how the snow brightens the landscape – so much nicer than all that gray/brown. We’re putting our tree up, too, but taking lots of breaks… tea, cookies, walks and lunch are interspersed. πŸ˜‰ Savoring the season.

  2. I missed the first snow! I’m in Florida, where it’s 56 degrees, with a mean wind blowing. Feels absolutely frigid. I would be much warmer at home in Maine–cozy with the wood stove and the snowy white stillness outside. Still, I’m going to brave the beach tomorrow, but my dreams of swimming are likely nothing but a fantasy. Enjoy that first taste of winter.

  3. We had our first snow this weekend too but ours has mostly disappeared again as it turned back to rain. Ugh!
    Enjoy your proper snow, your Christmas preparations and your cosy companionship, Laurie and Clif.

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