An Early Christmas Present

More snow today, and the landscape definitely looks wintry. Here is the view from our front deck.

Unfortunately, the forecast is for freezing rain later in the day, and if there is one thing we Mainers hate, it’s freezing rain. Because Clif and I work from home, we no longer have to worry about driving on slick roads, but we are certainly sympathetic with those who must brave slippery highways to get to their jobs. Fingers crossed that the forecast is wrong, and it snows rather than rains.

Christmas, lovely Christmas, is just around the corner. Soon “the kids”—Dee, Mike, and Shannon—will be coming home, and I am so anxious to see them that I wish they were arriving this weekend rather than next weekend. On the other hand, there is still much to do, and I need that extra week. Nevertheless…

As the title of this post indicates, I received a wonderful early Christmas present from my blogging friend Sheryl of Flowery Prose, who writes about nature, flower, and books from her home in Alberta, Canada. Recently, she wrote a terrific review of my fantasy novel, Maya and the Book of Everything. Here is what she wrote:

“A mysterious library, magical books, and unexpected journeys to new lands and times?  A resourceful, intelligent, and thoughtful teenaged protagonist that we can relate to and love and root for?  A clever, fresh (and extremely relevant) take on the classic battle between good and evil?  Creative plotting, beautifully realized characterization, precisely detailed world building, and perfect pacing?  I’m all in.  Laurie’s book really is everything!

“As it is the season of gift giving, if you’re having a difficult time buying for the young teenagers in your life, well, have I got a suggestion for you.  And while you’re at it, click an extra copy into your cart for yourself.  Because we could all use a Book of Everything in our lives.  🙂

“(I’m sure glad she’s already working on the sequel because I’m not certain how long I can wait, given that juicy wallop set up at the end…).”

Many thanks, many thanks, Sheryl!


32 thoughts on “An Early Christmas Present”

  1. It looks beautiful Laurie and what a lovely review💜 I hope the freezing rain will turn to snow and you will keep your Winter Wonderland! ☺💖⛄🎅

  2. Very nice review. I hope it stays snowy. We have very brief rain, but it is back to snow. We’ve already shoveled once, boy, heavy stuff! Cold tomorrow!

  3. Thanks a million for the shoutout, Laurie – I so enjoyed reading and reviewing your book and I am definitely looking forward to more of Maya’s adventures!

    Hope that freezing rain didn’t materialize. Your snow looks beautiful. Here in Calgary, it is alarmingly dry (at least there is snow in the mountains that we can have some fun in!) but the forecast is for a white Christmas.

    1. Oh, a million thanks to you! I’m nearly two-thirds through the next book, “Library Lost.” Hope to finish before spring. Also, hope you get that white Christmas and the much-needed moisture. Alarming dry is no joke, as California is proving. Oh, lord! Makes me glad I live in Maine, where drought is usually not a serious problem.

    1. We did get a bit of freezing rain, but it wasn’t too bad, and, best of all, our power wasn’t knocked out.

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