Five for Friday: Wayne, Maine, Including a Drain

Wayne, Maine, is a little village about ten minutes away from Winthrop. (Wayne’s population is circa 1,100. ) Like most towns in this area, Wayne is surrounded by ponds and lakes. Wayne might be small, but with its old houses, mostly white, lining the main street, the village has maintained a classic New England look and is very lovely. Established in 1798, Wayne got its name from Revolutionary War General Anthony Wayne.

Here is a picture of one of Wayne’s charming old homes, white of course.

A view across the millpond, of more white houses.

A general store, also white, that provides the town with a warm center.

Inside the store is a very inviting place to have a bite to eat.

And finally, for my blogging friend Tootlepedal, a picture of a drain in Wayne, Maine.

This surely must prove that we bloggers can be a very silly bunch.




26 thoughts on “Five for Friday: Wayne, Maine, Including a Drain”

  1. I lived in Wayne for a short time; it was a wonderful place to be! I always look at the houses around the millpond with a longing to live there.

  2. Sillyness makes the world a brighter place and I love the yellow drain in Wayne, Maine!😉 It looks like a great place to be and we wish you all a funtastic weekend 🤗💖 xxx

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