Hinterlands Update

A quick post. We have been without power since early Monday morning. No fun but we are managing. Friends who have power or generators have been generous. Tomorrow we are going to Judy and Paul’s home for showers and a meal. Thank you, thank you! When the power comes back, I will write a longer post. But just wanted to let readers know we are safe and well with no damage to house, car, or person. I am writing and sending this via my phone, which is powered by our car.

20 thoughts on “Hinterlands Update”

  1. No fun at all – but at least there wasn’t any damage done. Fingers crossed the power comes on soon!

  2. Oh no! We went without power the other week and it was pretty awful. You don’t realise how much relies on power until it disappears – I hope you get sorted really soon x

  3. What a drag! You have my sympathy, as I have been in your place many a storm. At least it isn’t January. πŸ˜‰ Keep calm and carry on. Hope power is restored pronto!

  4. Yikes! I hate that! I know they’re working hard to restore your power. Hope it’s soon. XOXOXOOX

    1. The CMP crew, along with workers from other states, worked very hard to restore power to nearly half a million people. I so appreciate their efforts.

  5. Good to hear you are safe, and to remember how carefully you prepared for the eventuality, but not good to hear you did lose power.

  6. I’m so sorry! I’m glad you’re both okay; I hope the power is restored very soon. I hate it when our power goes off! Have you lost much from your freezer? Do take care and keep warm xx

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