Hinterlands Update 2: Gettin’ Watah

An exciting day for Clif and me. After going to the grocery store to stock up on soup and instant oatmeal, we went for a ride and spotted many downed trees  and wires.                “Wowsah, look at that one.”                                  “Ayuh,” my Yankee husband replied.                      Our big day ended with a stop at the town’s public water facet—thank you, Winthrop!         Here’s a picture of Clif getting one of life’s most precious resources.                                                

16 thoughts on “Hinterlands Update 2: Gettin’ Watah”

  1. Stay safe and I hope you amenities are soon restored.
    I’m thinking a lot at the moment about all the displaced people who have no clean water, shelter and warmth and what we can do to help them. it brings it closer to home to see friends suffering, even if only temporarily.

    1. I thought about that too while trying to stay clean without running water. For us, it was temporary. For others, it is permanent, and I feel so bad for them. In my opinion, clean water is a right for every person on this planet. Unfortunately…

  2. This is the very thing I would find most difficult to cope with! How fortunate we are to have water on demand at home! I really hope you get your power soon!

  3. So glad your power is back on. Whenever that happens to us – even for a few hours, I am always humbled. My day goes into a tailspin & I find it hard to function. We’ve never had to go more than about 20 hours, and for that I am thankful.

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