We’ve Got the Power!

After almost a full week without power, it came back last night at around 7:00 p.m. Oh, how happy we were. Unfortunately, we lost quite a bit of food, and the house is a mess. Slowly, we are putting things back in order, but to borrow from Bilbo Baggins, we feel like butter scraped thin on too much bread.

Because of the work of getting the house back together along with other commitments, I will be taking next week off from blogging.

However, to end on an upbeat note… yesterday, we had a table at a craft fair at the Harriet Beecher Stowe elementary School in Brunswick. We did very, very well. So well, in fact, that we nearly sold out of books. As one mother put it, Brunswick is a community of readers.

That’s what I love to hear, that is sure.

37 thoughts on “We’ve Got the Power!”

    1. Thanks, Clare. We managed to save some food by storing it a friend’s house where there was power. But we still lost quite a bit, and that hurt.

    1. Yes, indeed. On another subject…I’ve been sending you messages about the cards. Have you received those messages?

  1. So glad to hear the craft fair went well. What a good feeling to be almost out of books – right where you want them to be. And glad you finally have power. Jo-Ann is still without as of this morning.

  2. We went one time for 8 days. It was a long 8 days. Glad your power is back and you had such a wonderful sale day. Enjoy your time getting things back to a nice boring normal – power and all. Run that vacuum and wash and dry that stack of clothes all with a smile. πŸ™‚

    1. Thanks, Derrick. And while I won’t be writing, I will be reading other blogs. Couldn’t do it when the power was out. Had to save the power in my phone for other uses. Sure feels good to get back into my old routine.

  3. Yay for electricity!! We were without for a while one time and promptly invested in a built-in generator. Now I feel smug when the power goes off! And yay for readers and books they love to read–congrats on your great sale!

    1. Yay is right! I wouldn’t want to be without out long term. The sale was great. The one bright spot in our week.

  4. Even those of us homesteader types recognize how connected we are with the rest of the grid when situations like this arise. Yet, reading back to you post as the storm approached, you were preparing. Welcome back and time to clean up. -Oscar

  5. So happy the power is back on Laurie and that you had such a great time in Brunswick! So sorry to hear you lost a lot of food and we hope it will be easy to get everything back in order. Best wishes and much love from all of us here :o) xxx

  6. Wow – a hard week without power but you were able to get to the event and make a bunch of sales. Great dichotomy there. Glad you are looking at the positives. And glad you have your necessities back!

    1. Thanks, Jodie. Yes, a hard week and then a very busy week getting the house back to normal. Onward, ho! The craft fair was definitely a bright spot in the week.

  7. Good news on both fronts. It’s amazing how exhausting it is to be without power. Ours was out until Thursday and that felt like a week, so I feel for you. Sorry that you lost food. That was our biggest concern, but fortunately our little portable generator kept our freezers going. Enjoy being back in your routine. It’s extra sweet now having gone without.

    1. Great that you had the generators and so your food was not ruined. We are finally getting back to normal. Feels as though we have lost two weeks.

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