A Storm and a Birthday

A storm with lots of rain and heavy wind is blowing up the East Coast and should be in Maine by late night. Accordingly, Clif and I sprang into action today. In came all the patio furniture, all the garden ornaments, and various other items we don’t want zipping around the yard should the wind get really strong.

There is, of course, a good chance that we will lose our power, and because we have a well, no power means no water. Yesterday, I replaced the water in the four covered buckets we keep in the basement in the event of a power outage. In the little freezer upstairs are two jugs of frozen water to use in our cooler to keep milk and cheese from going bad. We have plenty of bread, peanut butter, eggs, and canned soup. We are as ready as we can be.

Here is a picture of our patio without the furniture. How lonely it looks! I am always so sad to see the empty patio in late fall. No more patio nights for us until next summer. Sigh.

Today just also happens to be the birthday of our eldest daughter Dee. Her sister, Shannon, joined Dee in New York for the weekend, and they are doing all sorts of fun things, including sampling tea at the excellent Harney and Sons, eating out, going to the Botanical Gardens, going to movies. Well, you get the picture. So much to do in New York City. (Readers might recall we had a birthday palooza in September and therefore fall birthdays have been duly celebrated.)

So happy birthday, Dee! Could it really be forty years ago that you came into this world and into our lives? By gum, yes it was, and what a joyous day for our family.


17 thoughts on “A Storm and a Birthday”

  1. Happy birthday to Dee! I hope the storm treats you well. We also have well water. We have a few of those plastic jugs that go on top of a water cooler ( I have no idea where we ever got them from.) But they live (full) in our basement. When the lights go out we take them into the bathroom and we can flush to our heart’s content.

  2. Happy birthday celebration. Storm coming by here on the way to you. We have taken everything in with the exception of a couple things by the front door – tomorrow we’ll get those. It certainly does look bare out there when all the yard art and furniture come in. πŸ™‚

  3. Hoping the storm isn’t too bad, Laurie and Clif. I must say, even without the furniture, your garden looks so colourful and lovely at this time of year. Happy birthday to Dee!

  4. I admire your level of preparation and echo Cynthia’s sentiments. Your patio looks lovely, even without the tasty food and comfortable furniture. And Liam looks very content.

  5. Hope the storm isn’t as bad as you think it might be. I am so glad that we continue to be able to get water when we have our frequent power outages. Your garden looks so pretty with all the fallen red leaves! Happy birthday, Dee!

  6. Happy Birthday Dee!!! We had so much fun – a little blue now that it’s time for me to head back!

    Fingers crossed that you didn’t lose power!!

  7. Happy birthday to Dee and I hope the storm passes by without causing you any disruption Laurie. So good to see you are well prepared and your garden looks beautiful in all the Autumn colours :o) xxx

  8. Yes, just as I abandon ship back home in Maine, we get hurricane winds and lose power!! poor Rick. hope all is well at your place! isn’t it sad when the outdoor seating gets stored away!

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