Three Things Thursday: The Gifts of Autumn

My weekly exercise in gratitude, or as some of my blogging friends put it, three things that made me smile this week.

This autumn has been freakishly warm—no chilly days and cold nights—and the leaves have not been as brilliant as they usually are this time of year. Nevertheless, fall is here, with its wonderful slant of light. While the days might not be crisp and invigorating, they are still cool enough for a morning bowl of oatmeal.

So, first: Oatmeal for breakfast with a generous serving of Maine blueberries, the sweetest of them all.

Second, the autumn leaves. Although less brilliant than they usually are, the leaves still bring a burst of beauty and color to the landscape and, as pictured below, our backyard.

Third, the look of autumn, which spills over everything, including the memorial bench in our backyard and the little cat I bought to honor my mother, who passed away nine years ago.

A final gratitude, a bonus, if you will: I am so thankful to live in an area that has four distinct seasons that each bring their own kind of beauty.














12 thoughts on “Three Things Thursday: The Gifts of Autumn”

  1. The oatmeal with Maine blueberries looks delicious Laurie, the leaves look gorgeous and the photograph of the little cat is especially beautiful. So many blessings here and we wish you all a wonderful weekend :o) xxx

  2. We have had a couple of waves of autumn color, usually a few days before rain, which has taken off that layer of leaves. However, Tuesday night, the trees that were still green turned yellow, red, rust, and brown. We have enjoyed the color for this week. Saturday night, rain is coming. I have tried out the new leaf blower too. It may have enough power to send me 20 feet up into a tree, if I point it the wrong way. -Oscar

  3. Blueberries on oatmeal is my favorite breakfast!

    I love the little stone cat, sleeping peacefully. That is a beautiful memorial. Your mother is resting peacefully.

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