Visiting Kittens

Our friends Judy and Paul recently got new kittens, and they invited Clif and me over to their house to see the babies while they were still in their adorable stage. (They grow so fast!)

And utterly adorable they are. While we had tea, the kittens—Cinder and Poppy—played, chasing their toys, their tails, each other. After a full fifteen minutes of rumbling, they were ready for a nap.Β  After a refreshing sleep, it was playtime again.

It was so much fun watching them, and it will be fun seeing them grow. Welcome, welcome, Poppy and Cinder.

Poppy is on the left; Cinder on the right




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  1. Thanks for featuring our “babies” on your blog, Laurie! We do think they are the “cat’s meow” as an old, corny saying used to put it! (Yes, Yes, bad pun intended)!

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