Three Things Thursday: Daylilies, Daylilies, Daylilies

My weekly exercise in gratitude, or as some of my blogging friends put it, three things that made me smile this week.

First, second, and third: my August- blooming daylilies. All right. I know this is a bit of a cheat, but after the week this country has had, I really needed a soothing dose of beauty. It makes up, at least a little, for all the ugliness that seems to be always on the verge of erupting.

But back to the daylilies and beauty. Truth be told, my front yard doesn’t receive quite enough sun for daylilies to thrive, yet still I plant them. The lilies don’t bloom profusely, but I enjoy whatever beauty they give me. (Surely there is a lesson in this.) The other day was a bright, overcast day, which meant the light was perfect for taking pictures of flowers. Here are three of my August-blooming lilies.

Just looking at the pictures of these three ephemeral beauties makes me smile.

23 thoughts on “Three Things Thursday: Daylilies, Daylilies, Daylilies”

  1. These Daylilies are beautiful Laurie, I can see why they bring so much joy! Thank you for sharing and we wish you a wonderful rest of the day :o) xxx

    1. Thanks, Clare. Not too many days of bright overcast, and when there is one, I’m out with the camera.

  2. They are wonderful aren’t they, Laurie. I asked the Head Gardener if there were any that didn’t mind shade, but she concurred with you – you still get a few flowers in less sunlight, but they do need their sun for full bloom.

  3. We are finding that the daylilies are blooming profusely this season and they do bring such color and brightness to the late summer garden. It has been a tough week as you say, I too have found comfort in the delights of the garden and, of course, our sweet little grandbaby, Violet!!
    Blessings to you, Laurie.

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