The Once and Future Lobster Roll

Yesterday, I went to Fast Eddie’s in Winthrop to have lunch with my friend Barbara. Fast Eddie’s is a seasonal restaurant and more than a little retro, with a drive-in as well as a place to eat inside. There are also picnic tables and an old-fashioned playground that looks like it came straight from my childhood.

Another friend, Alice, had given me a priceless tip: Not only is Fast Eddie’s a funky place to eat with lots of Rock ‘n’ Roll memorabilia, but it also has incredible lobster rolls.

Lobster rolls are one of my favorite things to eat, and as my 60th birthday is right around the corner, I decided to indulge when I went out to lunch with Barbara. Oh, am I glad I did because Alice was absolutely right—those lobster rolls are fantastic. Mine was piled high with fresh lobster held together with just a hint of mayonnaise.

Our server was a perky young woman who knew what was what as we discussed the makings of a good lobster roll.

“There are four ingredients and only four,” I said. “Lobster, enough mayonnaise to hold it together, lettuce, and a roll.”

“That’s right,” she agreed.Β  “Do you know that some people actually want celery in their lobster salad?”

We both made a face.

“What is up with that?” I asked. “I’ve also heard of cooks wanting to add peppers or spices.”

WeΒ  shook our heads over the misguided taste of some people, usually those “from away.”

Well, they can’t help it, can they? After all, they’re not from Maine, the lobster capital of the country. Poor things. (I do want to hasten to add that not all people from away have misguided tastes when it comes to lobster rolls. Fortunately, most people from away like lobster rolls just the way they should be.)

Here is a picture of my amazing, utterly delicious lobster roll. Or should I say “lobstah” roll.

Then, because this was a pre-birthday celebration, I decided to guild the lily by having an ice cream sundae with Eddie’s homemade ice cream—chocolate with peanut butter.

You better believe I was full as can be after that feast.

As if all that weren’t enough, Barbara gave me this book for my birthday.

I’ve already flipped through it, and along with recipes for dishes using fruit, it also has recipes with winter squash, including one for a soup I’m itching to make.Β  Soon!

No two ways about it. Yesterday was a finest kind of day.



34 thoughts on “The Once and Future Lobster Roll”

    1. It was delicious. We can go when you come in September, if you like. Or, buy some lobster and make our own. At any rate, there will be lobster rolls on my actual birthday. πŸ˜‰

  1. Mmmm…you had me at lobster roll…my favorite..I crave them but living in the desert, they are almost unheard of here. πŸ™‚

  2. My sister in law told me about the birthday”season”— a wonderful excuse for stretching out birthday celebrating! So enjoy your birthday season! 60 is a wonderful age to celebrate and we are happy to be in on the merriment— lobster rolls, sundaes and all…

  3. I admit that lobster is sort of wasted on me–I haven’t got the taste for it, really. But ice cream? That’s another story and that sundae looks amazing! Happy birthday–celebrate early and often!

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