Deep Winter: A Restful Time

This morning, when I got up, the temperature was barely above zero.


Little Miss Watson was staring out the window. Perhaps she was wondering when the snow would go away.


Not any time soon.  The snow bankings at the end of the driveway are taller than the car.


The wheelbarrow is stuck in snow.


And the pig won’t be flying until spring.


Even though I am partial to warm weather, longer days, and nights on the patio, I always look forward to January, a beautiful, restful month. Yes, it is cold in January in Maine, but I feel as though I have permission to slow down, to not worry about anything other than basic housekeeping.

After the holidays, always fun but hectic, this time for slowing down seems like a gift, and this year, it is especially true. After launching Maya and the Book of Everything and then galloping into the holidays, I feel—to borrow from Bilbo Baggins—like butter scraped over too much bread.

Deep winter. Time to watch movies and read. To make apple crisp and get together with friends. And when I’m more rested, to host a brunch or two. Clif’s waffles are pretty darned good, and my homefries aren’t too bad either.


16 thoughts on “Deep Winter: A Restful Time”

  1. Haha, and your house looks like a neat, well stocked Hobbit home. I often think of my favorite Hobbit quote when I am worn out:“I wish I was at home in my nice hole by the fire, with the kettle just beginning to sing!” Sounds winter too, doesn’t it? Enjoy your apple crisp…I am just eating apple pie ;o) xo Johanna

    1. Thanks, Johanna! Buried in the snow as we are, our home does feel a little like a Hobbit home.

  2. Your bright little car brings warmth among the dark trees and white snow. With no pressure to garden or do outdoor work, it does seem nice to have some “up time” to visit with friends or just hunker down and read a good book. Enjoy.

    1. Our little Honda does add a bright touch. I so enjoy this restful time of January and February.

  3. Winter is such a good time to recharge. I love diving into indoor projects and the creative satisfaction of making things. I am busier than I would like to be this January, and still hoping to slow down for some real down time in February! Are you getting this crazy rain and wind today? The clouds are flying by.

    1. We got rain last night—Tuesday—but the skies are now clearing, and I actually see patches of blue. The roof is dripping madly, which is good, and the driveway is a sheet of ice, not so good. Good luck with those projects, and I hope you get some rest in February.

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