Storm Update

I just heard from my daughter Shannon, and it seems that where she lives in North Carolina there wasn’t much snow at all—about four inches or so. However, they did get freezing rain, which Mainers hate with a passion.

Many Mainers have very bad memories of the ice storm of ’98, when it seemed as though half the state was without power, and the ice was so thick that the breaking branches in the woods sounded like gunshots. We were without power for nearly two weeks. What a storm!

Anyway, I sure do hope that North Carolina, and indeed all the South, doesn’t have to deal with a storm of that magnitude and destruction.

And may the sun be with them soon.

From a recent ice storm, where, fortunately, we didn't lose our power.
From a recent ice storm, where, fortunately, we didn’t lose our power.


19 thoughts on “Storm Update”

  1. Snowmageddon 2017 was missing some snow! But I would have rather have had that instead of the freezing rain we got instead for the most part. Ah well!

    1. Not good times at all! But, we came through it, and the ice storm made us wiser and more prepared for the vagaries of weather. You might even say it was a teacher.

      1. Thinking you’re right about that. There’s always something to learn from these situations isn’t there? I often repeat the words of a friend who said, ‘If you’re not careful, you’ll learn something new every day’, though hopefully those lessons don’t come too often in the form of a life stopping weather incident.

    1. Glad the ice storm passed you by. My, my, temps in the 60s sound positively balmy. Are you staying in SC for the winter?

    1. They did have freezing rain in North Carolina, but my best beloveds were snug and warm in their little townhouse. Hope you made it without incident to New York. And, of course, back again!

      1. I arrived safely. A car turn sideways in front of me blocking two lanes but I was able to avoid it. A couple of other scary incidents. There was a 20 car pile up in Connecticut.

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