Life Goes on

Yesterday, it was warm enough for Clif and me to have tea on the patio.  A first for us in November.


Yesterday was also the day of the presidential election. The voters have decided.

What’s done is done. Life goes on.


23 thoughts on “Life Goes on”

  1. I stood outside yesterday in a line to vote for the first time since, well a long, long time ago. It was an ugly race, and I’m glad that part is over and the phone hasn’t rung once today. I worked in corporate America most of my adult life. I saw it from the hourly employee to the EVP level. And, as I have watched what happens, or more accurately what doesn’t happen, in DC I sit here in my comfy chair saying that would never be allowed in the business world. Well, the majority voted in a businessman yesterday. It will be interesting to see if anything changes. A new day dawned today, and I will assume the same will happen tomorrow.

    1. I feel so weepy whenever I think of the elections. I’ll get over it, but it will take a while.

    1. Words cannot adequately express the despair I feel. If I could more to Canada, I would. Sigh.

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