The Day Before the Election

I normally don’t write about politics—the focus of this blog is on nature, community, family, books, and food—but on this day before the election, I can hardly think of anything else. To say that I am anxious about the outcome is a big, big understatement.

In walking around my yard this morning, I took some pictures to cheer myself up.




And finally I took one of my garden Buddha, a serene reminder to extend compassion to everyone.


May we be filled with loving kindness,
May we be well.
May we be peaceful and at ease,
May we be happy.

21 thoughts on “The Day Before the Election”

  1. We had stopped watching national news several weeks back but still watched local news once a day. On Saturday, they started talking about how the state was going to keep us safe as we went to vote. What? Are we expecting people to mug us or shoot us at our local polling booths? So, I haven’t watched local news since then. I just cannot take it anymore. I wonder if they have a clue as to how they have burned most of us out with this negativity and fear mongering. Now, if we just had one more choice tomorrow, I’d have some hope. I deadheaded plants this morning and am quilting this afternoon, but I can’t listen to the radio because of all the ads. Love your Budha. šŸ™‚

    1. Thanks, Judy! I certainly understand your point of view. Unfortunately, neither Clif nor I can look away. It’s a little a horrible car accident or fire. And, I hope everyone is safe when voting. Trump has stirred up some nasty stuff.

    1. Oh, I can believe that! Must be horrifying for you to see how ugly things have become to the south of you. As I mentioned in a comment to Cynthia Reyes, I’m not sure what bothers me more, the man who spews venom or his followers. Scary!

  2. I’m not American, Laurie, and yet I feel your stress. Sending you a gentle Canadian hug. (Meaning the hug is a gentle one, though the Canadian is too…. Smile)

    1. Thanks, Cyntia! I need all the hugs, both Canadian and gentle, that I can get. What a political season! The worst I’ve ever seen. I’m not sure what bothers me most—the man who spouts all the venom, or the fact that so many people think he’s cool.

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