In Maine, it seems as though the climate has changed significantly.  Last month, we had what I called Saugust, which was so mild and hot that it seemed to be an extension of summer. A far cry from the crisp Septembers we had as little as ten years ago.

Saugust has been followed by what I have dubbed Octember, a month that has been so warm that records have been broken. Two days ago, the thermometer on the back of the house read 73 degrees in the shade, which meant it was nearly 80 in the sun. Clif and I are still having drinks on the patio in late afternoon. We watch the birds—nuthatches, chickadees, cardinals, woodpeckers, tufted titmice. We listen to the crickets, singing their song of fall. Clif and I concur—it is great to be on the patio so late in the season. But it is also strange, and it is past time for everyone to be taking climate change seriously.

We keep saying to each other, surely this is the last day we’ll be having drinks on the patio. And soon it will be. By the end of October, we’ll have to bring in the patio furniture. Traditionally, snow could come anytime in November. But this year, who knows?

Despite the warm weather, the leaves continue to fall, coming down in a rain of gold, carpeting the yard and the road.


14 thoughts on “Octember”

  1. I know, I think the same myself. The Gulf of Maine (and the whole ocean) is heating up, no doubt. Did you read about the moon tide (no storm either) flooding roads, etc.? Our coasts will soon be like Venice!
    Beautiful birch photo.

    1. Thanks, Eliza. As for climate change…very scary. I am hoping that this country will soon get its act together and start innovating and conserving. We need to do both.

  2. I think you have chosen apt names for these months. Just glad the rain is coming down before the ground freezes. We have picked chard and still have cabbages in our garden. Unheard of for October.

    1. Judy, I know what you mean. I sweep the driveway, and the next day it looks like I haven’t done anything.

  3. At my boys in Toronto it i unusually warm. I cannot stop cheering that here in Cincy the weather is FINALLY cooling down. i bought new flannel sheets to celebrate, I am so happy! Xo Johanna ps great pic!

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