Ba ba baba, baba ba baba

After an intense week of getting my YA fantasy novel, Maya and the Book of Everything, ready for its proof copy, this song by The Ramones  captures the spirit of how I feel.

But God willing and the creek don’t rise, we’ll be sending Maya out next week for the proof copy.

In the meantime, I wanna be sedated. 😉


16 thoughts on “Ba ba baba, baba ba baba”

  1. Just keep telling yourself, “It is worth it.” Not unlike birthing a baby, both in time commitment and in physical and emotional energy. In this case the pampering and changing is all done before birth. The enjoyment will begin soon.

  2. What’s that I see, the light at the end of the tunnel?! You’re almost there. What a motivating beat this song has, I’ve always loved it. Your book cover is gorgeous!

  3. So proud of you for coming this far – Keep on pushing! I’m also very impressed with your choice of song (and your ability to get a link in there like that!)

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