Pure Magic: A New Puppy in the Neighborhood

As the title of this post indicates, there is a new puppy in the neighborhood, and yesterday, Clif and I met him.ย  His name is Magic, and what a sweet bundle of black fluff and puppy smell.

The minute I saw him, I fell in love. We brought Magic a toy, as we would any new baby, and he immediately started chewing on it with a vengeance. When Magic was done with the toy, he allowed me to cuddle him, and already he has the open, affectionate nature so common to black Labs.

I took some pictures of this darling puppy, but none of them came out very well. Here is the best of the bunch.


You can bet I’ll be taking more pictures of this little guy.

Welcome, welcome, little Magic!


16 thoughts on “Pure Magic: A New Puppy in the Neighborhood”

  1. Well, you know how I feel about puppies–especially labs. Capp is growing so fast, he’s edging into that gangly adolescent stage. He still loves lap time, though. I expect that will continue even after he reaches 90 lbs or so. Enjoy your Magic neighbor. And give Liam a ear scratch for me.

    1. I know. They do grow fast. Right now, Magic is so adorable that I can hardly stand it. Labs are such loving dogs, and I expect you’re right about Capp and lap time. I’ll be sure to give Liam—one of the best darned dogs in Winthrop—a scratch behind the ears.

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