12 thoughts on “Winter Is Coming”

  1. You are busy with your book and now even bussier…i remember this from our Canadian years…6 bush cords a winter! I loved stacking it…my sons not so much ;o)

    1. Yes, yes! Fortunately my husband is the one who does the stacking. And, six cords are what we have waiting to be stacked.

  2. Shame on you for using the “w” word. Next thing I know, you’ll be using the “s” word, and I’ll have to make sure I know where my shovel is. 🙂 But, you reminded me I need to check prices on wood pellets. 🙂

  3. I was almost afraid to open this post! 😉 We won the firewood raffle at the fair this weekend, so we have a cord sitting in the driveway right now. Best $5 we ever spent! We got our 4 cd.wood in the shed this spring, but still had room for another cord, thankfully. Happy stacking!

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