Hydrangeas, Rose Petals, and Little Red Apples: Late Summer in Maine

Summer is winding down, and as always, I have mixed feelings about this. The days are getting shorter, and already I miss the extra light. In the summer at day’s end, Clif and I like to sit on the patio, have drinks, and chat. Only a month or so left where we’ll be able to do that. Our time for barbecues and grilled bread is also winding down. The gardens are looking ragged.

On the other hand, this summer has been very hot and humid, and I am ready for cooler weather. By late afternoon, both Clif and I are zapped. It’s been this way in Maine for several years—quite unlike summers when I was young—and it’s my guess that this is the new norm for Maine. The bonus: September has become utterly delightful, almost like “old” August, and this means we can squeeze in a few more patio gatherings than we could in year’s past.

Whatever the season, there is always something interesting to see by the lake where we park the car when we go on our bike ride.

Looking out onto the lake.


Oh, hydrangeas!


A closer look.


Closer still.


Hanging rose petals.


Little red apples. (In the spring, I took a picture of this tree when it was a froth of white.)


10 thoughts on “Hydrangeas, Rose Petals, and Little Red Apples: Late Summer in Maine”

  1. I worked outside in the heat today moving hydrangeas. I got six Annabelle’s moved without much problem. But, I had one huge hydrangea that never blooms and I wanted to move it out of where it was and I thought it was going to do me in. I dug and clipped and still thought I’d never get it out of the ground. I finally got it moved but I’ll be sleeping good tonight. 🙂 We need rain so bad. I don’t know how anything is alive out there and a lot of it is crispy. Enjoy your evenings on the patio as long as you can. 🙂

    1. Goodness, Judy! Don’t overdo. It is dry here, but not as dry as you describe in New Hampshire. Hope you get some rain soon.

  2. The seasons come and go. I like seeing the crabapples after the blossoms – it reflects the primal order of things. The one thing we can say about CC, is at least we have longer growing seasons. 😉

  3. I carefully started some end of the summer garden work but the temps have risen again into the high nineties..I do not have that wonderful apple/pumpkin/bonfire feeling yet…Enjoy that patio and have a great weekend! xo Johanna

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