More Work On Maya and the Book of Everything

This week (and perhaps next week), I won’t be posting many pieces on the blog. All of my writing energy will be spent on Maya and the Book of Everything as I work on the final editing. How exciting it all is, but I must admit I’m also a bundle of nerves. However, as I mentioned in reply to one of the comments about Maya, I’ve been working toward this for a very long time.

With all the work on Maya, there will be no homemade bread (to my husband’s dismay). It will be an English muffin kind of week. Meals will be very simple. Only the minimum housework will be done to keep the house clean.

Onward, onward!

But I always make time to take pictures of flowers.



14 thoughts on “More Work On Maya and the Book of Everything”

  1. It is like birthing a baby. Lots of excitement, lots of work, and some pain but so worth it in the end. I will be thinking of you and sending positive thoughts.

    1. Beth, you got that right! Thanks for the positive thoughts. I need all I can get 😉

    1. Thanks, Eliza. I’m hoping to be able to use that picture for a card to sell at the library.

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