First Draft of the Cover for Maya and the Book of Everything

Even though it’s still early, today has been a most exciting day for me. I received the first draft of the cover for my YA fantasy, Maya and the Book of Everything. Simply put, the cover is beautiful. I know. All mothers think their children are beautiful, but this cover—a rich blue with a book motif—really and truly is. I even love the font that was chosen.

Just seeing the first draft of the cover has put me in a happy state of jitters, and it will be hard to focus on anything else. But, cover or not, the laundry needs to be hung, and we will be going for a bike ride on this fine summer day.

As soon as the cover is finalized, I will post an image of it on this blog. This means, dear readers, that aside from family, you will be the first to see it.

Exciting times, indeed!

Book cover or not, the laundry must be hung to dry.



22 thoughts on “First Draft of the Cover for Maya and the Book of Everything”

  1. This is truly an exciting time for you. Congratulations on the first draft cover.. Looking forward to seeing it also… Bravo!

    Take care, and have a peaceful weekend…


  2. Exciting! We can feel it coming. Yes, of course the laundry, but after that ….

  3. Oh I know how exciting this is!! I am illustrating a children’s book ATM and we are getting to a close…sleepiness nights form excitement!!! Xo Johanna ps a work of art that laundry line is!

    1. Yes, Johanna, very exciting indeed. Please keep us posted about the children’s book you are illustrating. I will want to buy my very own copy.

  4. I shamelessly admit that the cover is sometimes that first thing that attracts me to a book. So glad you found one that does the book justice.

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