A Very Happy Fourth with Appetizers and Dessert

Today, the weather for the Fourth of July is about as perfect as it can get—sunny, warm but not too hot, with a bright blue sky. Because of my creaky knees—aka arthritis—we decided to simplify our Fourth of July gathering this year and celebrate with an appetizer and dessert party. There will just be two seatings, which means far less running up and down the stairs for me. Tomorrow, my knees will be so happy.

Besides, as my daughter Shannon noted, who doesn’t like an appetizer party? I know I sure do. A little bit of this, a little bit of that. Everything prepared ahead of time so that I can just relax when the guests come. And even though we don’t look like it, Clif and I have gotten to the point where we can’t eat as much as we did when we were younger. A good thing, too, because if we did, then we’d be in real trouble.

Here is the menu: Chopped salad and dough for grilled bread (Alice); devilled eggs and artichoke dip (Jill); a salsa and cream cheese spread, tortilla chips, cheese and crackers, and grapes (Clif and me). For dessert, homemade vanilla ice cream pie with a blueberry sauce and a strawberry sauce (both sauces are also homemade).

The ice cream pie has become a Fourth of July tradition at the little house in the big woods.

Ice cream pie from a previous Fourth of July celebration


A very happy Fourth to all American readers!

13 thoughts on “A Very Happy Fourth with Appetizers and Dessert”

  1. Looks wonderful! Hope everything is as perfect as the weather. Ain’t it grand?! XOXOXOOXOX

  2. Happy 4th!! Glad the weather is so beautiful for you guys!! Not so much here – thunder storm just passed and now is just a steady drizzle. Ah well! πŸ™‚

    1. So true, Derrick, but perhaps not an entirely bad thing as the metabolism slows w-a-y down, too.

  3. A belated Happy 4 th of July! The party sounds great – that ice-cream cake looks delicious, and appetizers are such fun to eat. Our Canada Day was on July 1st, and the weather was also splendid, perfect for celebrating and kicking off the summer holidays!

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