The Gloaming By the Lake

A couple of nights ago, my husband Clif took these pictures after our twilight bike ride. He’s been taking pictures since he was a teenager and is a very accomplished photographer. (All right. I know I’m prejudiced. But he is.) I’ve only recently begun taking pictures, and he’s helped me a lot.

Anyway, these pictures catch the lovely light of dusk—the gloaming—by the lake.



11 thoughts on “The Gloaming By the Lake”

    1. Alas, we do not swim anymore. I don’t know why. We both loved swimming as children, and we swam with our own children. But somehow we just don’t care to swim nowadays. But we so enjoy watching others do so 😉

      1. It has to be REALLY hot for me to swim, but on those scorching days, a cool dip is welcome relief. (My neighbor has a pool. 😉 )

    1. Thanks, Brenda. Yes, gloaming is a lovely word with an old-fashioned sound.

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