Of Hot Days and a Cool Park

Summer, with its hot days, has finally come to Maine. Since we live in the woods, warm weather isn’t much of a problem for us. We don’t even need air conditioning. A ceiling fan in the hall cools the whole house.

We do have to plan on when to go for bike rides, though—the heat of the afternoon can be a bit much. Yesterday, Clif and I went late morning, and with the temperature in the mid-80s, we both decided we should have gone earlier. Still, one of the things about bike riding is that there is always air moving around you as you pedal, which is great in hot weather but not so good in cold weather. (Oh, I have had some cold rides.)

Clif and I have made good progress with our biking, going to the end of Memorial Drive, about an eight-mile round trip. Our next accomplishment will be to head up Beaver Dam Road, with its long, long incline that could be dubbed Misery Hill. In past seasons, we have found that going up Misery Hill on a regular basis makes us strong enough to go up most any hill in the area. This is a good thing as central Maine is not exactly flat and has plenty of challenges for bike riders.

“When do you think we’ll be ready to go up Misery Hill?” I asked Clif.

“Sometime in July,” he replied.

As the saying goes, time will tell, but I, too, am optimistic that we’ll be strong enough to tackle Misery Hill sometime in July. Then, it will be on to Route 17, giving us about a fifteen-mile round trip ride.

When we got back to our car at Norcross Point, there were lots of people enjoying the water and the shade on this hot day, and I snapped a few photos.  It seems to me that the pictures I took could have come from any time—now, when I was young, and even further back.

Somehow, during these jittery times, this gives me comfort.




13 thoughts on “Of Hot Days and a Cool Park”

    1. I’ve never timed it, but I’ll do so on our next ride and let you know.

  1. Misery hill? Ugh! You are reminding me of one of my goals for 2016 to cycle more to which I am failing miserably and will blame on the wretched weather that has been summer thus far. Oh how I miss the Maine summers!!

    Lovely photos here too…maybe one of Misery hill is on the way?!

    1. I was thinking of that very thing—taking a picture of Misery Hill. However, to just look at at it from the bottom, it doesn’t seem that bad. But man oh man, it just keeps coming.

  2. I believe in the healing power of nature and when I see your photos, it confirms my belief. Great work bike riding. It is a vast difference from seeing the same terrain in a car.

    1. Thanks, Beth! Yes, there is a big difference between seeing in a car and seeing on a bike.

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