14 thoughts on “Yellow with a Side Order of Green”

      1. Marga, we live in the woods, and it is extremely hard to grow anything here. I like to grump that we have the worst yard in Winthrop in which to garden. It probably isn’t true, but it makes me feel better to complain about it 😉

      2. I know, complaining helps a lot. We do the same about our garden, in this case because the ground water level is high, the soil is always wet and when it has been raining, the garden is (nearly) flooded. Once every five years or so we have to raise the level of the beds and start all over again. We try to adapt our planting scheme, which does not always work. Most of the neighbors have already given in and have cemented their garden. Consequence: more water for us. So I am good to at grumping too, don’t you think?

      3. Marga, I think your yard makes mine look like a gardener’s delight. Wow! I so admire your grit and persistence. Yes, you are good at grumping, and you have every reason to do so. Grump away. I am completely sympathetic.

      4. To be honest, there is a good side to these wet circumstances. The ferns are thriving and the fig tree bears nearly 200 figs this year (very curious to have such a success with this tree in a moderate tending towards cold climate). So I guess I will be making fig tarts, fig jam, etc. You don’t hear me grumping then!

      5. Oh, wonderful! Glad to learn there is an upside to having all that water. And, I must admit I envy you for having those figs. Enjoy!

    1. I do. With a yellow burst, they brighten up this shady yard. Plus, they do really, really well here, not a given with most plants.

    1. I don’t. A friend gave a potful to me, and those Sundrops spread like crazy. They are one of the few things, besides hostas, that thrive here.

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