Liam’s Birthday

img_5065Today, our dog, Liam, is nine years old. Happy birthday, Liam! In the works are a few special treats and a nice long walk.

Even at nine, Liam is still a fast runner and light of foot. This summer, when Clif’s coworkers came over for a barbecue and saw Liam for the first time, they couldn’t believe what a “mature” dog he was.

I remember bringing Liam home as a puppy and how he hid under the table because he was scared. I remember him sitting in the kitchen and his head going back and forth as he watched the pendulum on the clock. I remember him cuddled across Shannon’s chest as she sat on the couch.

Liam, may you be light of foot for many, many more years.

2 thoughts on “Liam’s Birthday”

  1. Have a wonderful birthday Liam!! It seems like just yesterday you were just a little peanut! Glad the sun is shinning today for you! 🙂

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