Friday, January 17: Bits and Bobs from the Internet

This will be a quiet Martin Luther King weekend at home, where Clif and I will spend time working on our various projects, which include fixing the gate to our backyard, refurbishing the bike we found at the transfer station, getting photos ready for an upcoming exhibit at Railroad Square Cinema, and that perennial chore—decluttering. Naturally, the weather is supposed to be calm. Doesn’t it just figure that on a weekend when we are staying close to home, the roads will be clear and dry? Tonight, we will be going to a potluck at the home of Margy and Steve Knight. I will be bringing homemade crackers and a cranberry and hot-pepper jelly chutney on cream cheese. 


From NPR: Sometimes, it’s all right to play with your food.

From Eating Well: Six low-calorie soup recipes for these cold winter days.

From the Portland Press Herald: Let them eat pie—sample 50 pies in 3 hours. The event is Pies on Parade on January 26 in Rockland, Maine, and it’s a fundraiser for Area Interfaith Outreach Food Pantry.

From the Guardian: “Toast is trendy.” That’s right. Toast. It seems that toast bars are the new rage, and some of them charge $4 per slice.  Now, I am a toast lover from way back, but at those prices, I guess I’ll continue to make my own bread and my own toast.

From the New York Times and Mark Bittman: A video featuring The Scramble: A Simple Greek Lunch. I could have a plateful right now.

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