A Weird Weather Weekend: Part II—A Warm Walk on the Beach

img_5058In yesterday’s post, I wrote about the ice storm we had on Saturday and how, despite the slippery roads, Clif and I drove 25 miles to go to a movie at Railroad Square Cinema. And we weren’t the only ones at the Square.

But what a difference a day can make. By Sunday, the sun was out, the sky was blue, and it was warm—around 50 degrees at the little house in the big woods. I jokingly suggested to Clif that it was time to bring out the summer clothes.

With nary a thought about icy roads, we headed to South Portland to visit with Shannon. She would make lunch for us, and Clif would measure for shelves he plans to make for her kitchen. What a lovely lunch Shannon made—a sweet and savory squash soup with spicy chickpea croutons, homemade biscuits, and a salad. (Shannon found the soup recipe on a blog called My New Roots.)


Shannon had suggested that if the weather allowed, we might go for a walk on Crescent Beach in Cape Elizabeth. With the sun shining and the temperature holding at 50 degrees, the weather certainly allowed, so with dogs in tow, off we went to Crescent Beach. When we reached the town parking lot, we all laughed. It was nearly full, with only a few empty parking places. After all the storms and the extreme cold, it seemed we weren’t the only Mainers keen to get outside and feel the warm sun on our faces.

As an extra bonus, the tide was out, and the wide beach sparkled ahead of us. Blue sky, puffy clouds, the deep blue sea, jagged islands, the sound of the waves—I walked as if in a dream. What a great pleasure it was to stroll on the beach and not feel as though my face was going to freeze and shatter. Only a few days ago, when I had taken the dog for a walk, I had worn a headband as well as a hat, a neck warmer, my heaviest coat, and leggings under my pants. Now here I was, walking on the beach without a hat and gloves. It was sheer bliss.

Afterwards, Shannon would remark in an email: “It was quite a wonderful thing to go walking on the beach and be so comfortable in January! I felt like I got recharged and rejuvenated afterwards!”

Yes, indeed. We all felt as though we had been given a gift, and so we had.



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